X Factor UK Finale Update: Louisa Johnson Tipped To Be Favorite For Winning?

By Pala Sen | 11 months ago
X Factor UK Finale Update: Louisa Johnson Tipped To Be Favorite For Winning?

Louisa Johnson is yet to be crowned as the winner of “X Factor UK” but she is the hot favorite for taking the number one spot this Christmas. Reputed bookies such as Ladbrokes has predicted that the 17-year-old contestant would be topping the UK chart with her winner’s single of the show that has not been revealed yet.

Now isn’t that good news for Johnson? In case she does win the “X Factor UK”, that would be aired this weekend and scoops that chart this Christmas with her maiden single, it would be a double whammy for her.


According to many of the bookies, the odds are in Johnson’s favor, as she leads the race much ahead of Reggie ‘N Bollie. The latter will also compete with her in the finale of the ITV series.

Louisa Johnson’s participation in the final episode was initially quite doubtful after she had to cancel one of her performances scheduled in Liverpool, as she was not keeping well.

BBC got to know from a spokesperson of the “X Factor UK” that Johnson had not been well and was advised to take voice rest for a day. It was unfortunate that she had to cancel a performance at her home turf right at the end moment. The crew of “X Factor UK” hoped that she would recover fast so that she could perform in the finale episode.

There are expectations that Johnson should be on the top in this year’s contest, followed by Reggie ‘N Bollie at second place. It is being predicted by many that Che Chesterman will be coming at the third spot in this season.

According to a statement made by a spokesman of William Hill, they feel that Luisa Johnson is a real star. They just cannot see her being defeated by someone else in this year’s “X Factor UK”.


Photo Source: Facebook/Louisa Johnson