Yolanda Foster And Husband Finally Bid Adieu To Beautiful Malibu Home

By Pala Sen | 1 year ago
Yolanda Foster And Husband Finally Bid Adieu To Beautiful Malibu Home

Its official now!!! Yolanda and husband Grammy award-winner David, finally moved out of their “dream house” located in Malibu. The reality star shared a beautiful photo on October 25, Sunday via Instagram.

It must have been one of the most emotional moments in Yolanda and David Foster’s lives, as they formally bid adieu to their enviable and beautiful home in Malibu, California This is the same home that thousands of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” fans have looked at with wonder and admiration, on all the show’s five seasons.


The ex-model called it “a beautiful chapter” in her life.  She wrote on Instagram that a beautiful end has taken place to a beautiful chapter in her life.

The star also added that Gigi, her daughter had shifted to New York in the month of July, while her other daughter Bella will also move out soon. So that will leave only her and David, along with Anwar, her fourteen-year-old son.

In early October, Foster said that both Anwar and Bella had been detected by physicians with Lyme disease–that was about four years back.


She expressed her grief and sad moments, stating that she does not have adequate words in her vocabulary to define the hell, pain, and the darkness she had been going through, all these years. This was revealed by Yolanda during a speech addressed in New York City at the “Global Lyme Alliance Gala” last October 8.

She felt as if she was not living. Her existence was limited to a prison created within her paralyzed brain. She has realized that the disease had made her more humble and religious. She had wished for her own death on several nights. She simply prays that she can stay in heaven, where there is no misery or pain.

But the realization that her children are also suffering has managed to make her feel practical and aim survive too. She said that it is simply because of her children’s suffering in silence that she feels charged up to stand there and address her struggle with the disease.

Picture Source: Facebook/Yolanda Foster