Z. Tao Expressed His Sentiments In An Exclusive Tell-All Interview For The First Time After Leaving EXO [WATCH NOW!]

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 12 months ago
Z. Tao Expressed His Sentiments In An Exclusive Tell-All Interview For The First Time After Leaving EXO [WATCH NOW!]

Rumors around SM Entertainment and former EXO members continues to heat up as they face through legal battles. Z.Tao is one of those members who is prepared for the result of the lawsuit they filed. After months of keeping mum about the issue, he finally expressed his sentiments in an interview.

In an exclusive interview of People in News as cited by OfficiallyKMusic, Z.Tao answered straightforward all the series of the question given to him. The brave Chinese native star firmly stated his opinions on the different matter.


He shared how he became a part of EXO along with his struggles of fitting into the system primarily because of the language barrier. He also recalled how he still continued to work even to the extent of enduring a leg injury. The former EXO member is confident likewise that they will win the case against SM Entertainment.

When asked if he will be given the chance to get back to his past and change things, he replied, “I wouldn’t go back in the past. What you did at point in time…, it’s like you are putting a nail into the tree. After you take it out, there will still be a hole. Let’s just move forward.”


Moreover, Z Tao described his current status now and see that it is a new opportunity for him.

“This is actually a kind of personal growth for me. There will be people who like you and it’s only natural that there are people who don’t like you. I couldn’t really take it at the beginning, now, slowly I can.” Z Tao said.

With strong assertion, he shared the lessons he learned from all these, “I just wanted to get stronger as soon as possible and in that way protect myself. You can’t control others, if they want to attack you, they will.”

The speculations that Tao will leave EXO first surfaced through the Weibo post of his father, as recalled by Venture Capital Post. Allegations of negligence and unfulfilled promises were hurled against the former agency.

Now that Z.Tao returns home in his native land, he is determined more than ever to continue honing his craft in the entertainment industry. Watch the complete interview through here.


Photo Source: Z.Tao/Instagram