Zayn Malik Was Thrown Out Of One Direction? Simon Cowell Reveals It All!

By Pala Sen | 11 months ago
Zayn Malik Was Thrown Out Of One Direction? Simon Cowell Reveals It All!

When Zayn Malik departed from One Direction, it was a shocking moment for all their fans throughout the world. However, if there was one person who was not exactly surprised by his exit from the band, it was Simon Cowell, the mentor of the band. Read On!

Cowell, the boss of “X-Factor” has come out with a startling revelation that he was aware that Malik, 22, would quit. His initial instinct had been to protect the other four band members, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson.


Cowell, 56, in an interview, shared that though it was not an easy task, yet the other band mates have dealt with the issue well. He said that he knew that Zayn would be quitting before it actually happened. He understood that Zayn was not very happy. He was more worried about the other boys.


However, refuting rumors that the former bandmate was thrown out of 1D, Cowell said, “No, Zayn was not kicked out.” He added that Zayn was not in a good place and he took the decision to leave the band. Cowell felt responsible for rest of the boys as they did not get any warning. The band members are all in their twenties and it was a tough time from them. Cowell felt that it was his responsibility to be there.

Zayn Malik left the 1D in the month of March this year after being associated with this chart-topping band for 5 long years. After he left the band, there was a statement released from his end that said that he left as he wanted to behave like a normal 22-year-old. He wanted to relax and enjoy some private moments away from the constant spotlight.

Zayn also said that he knew that he will always have four friends in his life and hoped that they would always remain the world’s best boy band.


Cowell, on the other hand, was subjected toa backlash after he made a joke about Zayn as he received an award from the remaining four band members. It was while he was at the Grosvenor Hotel in London at the “Music Industry Trusts Award.”

Thought the audience sounded amused, there was an awkward silence among the band members of One Direction. It looked like the Zayn Malik joke did not go too well with them.

Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons/Zayn Malik