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Beauty and the Beast almost had a Frozen moment. Josh Gad, who appears in both movies, proposed a reference to a certain fan-favorite singing snowman that did not make it to the live-action adaptation. Worlds Collide The new movie starring Emma Watson has been breaking box office records worldwide. This despite facing bans in certain markets around the world and call to boycott from conservative groups in the U.S. over a gay moment. It also continues to receive good


The Power Rangers movie is just two days away from its release date which is March 24. Fans of the 90’s famous superheroes are already rooting to watch the big screen release. Noteworthy in the film, aside from bringing in the first gay superhero character Trini, is Billy's character as the autistic superhero. He is played by actor RJ Cycler who is a Ranger on the Autistic Spectrum. Cycler said that he portrayed the character well enough to deliver the message that

Star Wars: Episode 8 trailer might be dropped during the Star Wars Celebrations at Orlando, Florida. Speculations are rife that this teaser will reveal major details on the film's storyline. This celebration will take place from April 13–16, 2017. Star Wars fans across the world are super-excited to get a glimpse of this trailer. As the release date of the trailer draws closer, leaked details and spoilers are taking shape over the Internet. Here are seven things which star wars fans hope to see from Star Wars: Episode 8 trailer. Read to know more. 1. Two Brief Shots Of Luke And


Logan was Hugh Jackman’s last time as Wolverine. With the movie taking the inspiration of a road trip loosely from the comics Old Man Logan, much of the comic book could not be adapted because of rights issue. With Hugh now done playing Wolverine, if the role were to be re-cast and introduced in MCU, Marvel would have an opportunity to bring Old Man Logan just the way it is in a live-action movie form. Considering the way the story took shape in the comic books, here is why it should be made properly in the MCU. Story The story itself is one of the best that Marvel has ever introduced.

Star Wars: Episode 8 Opening Scene Teases Three Potential Spoilers

Star Wars: Episode 8 opening clip has been dropped at Disney's annual shareholder's meeting in Denver. Daniel Miller, Los Angeles Times reporter, has viewed this footage. He has revealed on his official Twitter account potential spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Star Wars: The Last Jedi will pick up right where the previous film has left off. Fans will get to see what