10 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Book Vs. Show Differences That Book Readers Just Can’t Ignore

By Atanu Shaw | 2 years ago
10 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Book Vs. Show Differences That Book Readers Just Can’t Ignore

People who are fans of the Game of Thrones show, but haven’t read the books, can’t understand the frustration of readers who notice serious differences. They think we are weird, but the truth is that we don’t like our expectations being crushed by inadequate adaptation. Okay, the producers manage to surprise us in a good way from time to time, but we are mostly disappointed by the failure to stick to George Martin’s initial (genius!) ideas.

It’s time for a countdown: which were the 10 most serious differences between the books and show that readers just cannot ignore? Let’s see what assignment writing at Assignmentmasters.co.uk experts think.

  1. We shouldn’t have met the White Walkers so early in the show

Martin talks about these mysterious creatures in the book, but we don’t realize how they look like. In the show, we meet them in the first episode! Throughout the seasons, we even get to see their faces and learn what they do to their sacrifices. Most book readers would agree: we like leaving some things to imagination.

  1. No Coldhands in the show

So we get to see White Walkers, but there is no sign of Coldhands in the show? The author hints this mysterious figure was a former brother of the night’s watch, and we can’t understand whether he is dead or alive. He is even more mysterious in the show: there’s no trace of him.

  1. About Maggy’s prophecy

There are few different points in the book. Maggy predicts that Cersei Lannister would die from the hands of the “little brother”. Robert Baratheon is not supposed to have twenty children; Maggy predicts ‘only’ sixteen.

  1. Where is Lady Stoneheart?

Catelyn Stark resurrects in the book as Lady Stoneheart. We are really, really disappointed the show didn’t make this happen.

  1. Joffrey’s death is even more gross in the book!

George Martin had no mercy for this character. In an attempt to breathe, Joffrey tore bloody gouges in his flesh while he opened his throat with his own hands. In the show, we didn’t get to see the muscles beneath the skin.

  1. Drogon was too gentle in The Dance of Dragons

In this part of the book, Drogon doesn’t show up to save Daenerys. The smell of blood attracts him to the Pit, and he goes nuts. Over 200 people die in this scene of the book. Some of them are directly killed by the dragon, while others die in the attempt to escape. One man injures Drogon before being killed.

  1. Robb Stark is not as perfect as the show makes him appear

The show idealized this character too much. He is a hero in the books as well, but he also has flaws that made him look human.

  1. We didn’t really need Reginald Lannister in the show

He played a minor role at Tywin Lannister’s war council in The Ghost of Harrenhal episode. This character added confusion and we tried to remember his name for no purpose. There is no Reginald in the book, and we were completely fine with that!

  1. Too much suffering for Sansa in the show

Martin was not so cruel with this character in the book. The Lannisters convince the Boltons that Jeyne, a Stark family friend, is Arya. She is served as collateral for the alliance. There is no sign of Jeyne in the TV show. To everyone’s disappointment, Sansa was the one who married Bolton and suffered a very controversial sexual assault.

  1. Daenerys was almost absent in the second book.

Daenerys didn’t play a big role in the second book of the series, since the author was mainly focused on the rise of the War of the Five Kings. The TV show gives this character more things to do during the second season, and the changes affect other characters too. Most of us didn’t mind that.

The big question is: do we like the changes in the TV show? We appreciate the surprises… sometimes. In general, we like Martin’s original development of events.

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