10 Insane Performances By 4th Impact That Blew ‘X Factor’ UK 2015 Away

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
10 Insane Performances By 4th Impact That Blew ‘X Factor’ UK 2015 Away
Radio presenter Dan has suggested to former “The X Factor” UK 2015 contestant 4th Impact that they should come and have a concert at Fun Kids HQ.

On Sunday, 4th Impact has been eliminated from “The X Factor” UK 2015.

Despite giving their best in the sing-off, the votes were not enough and the girls became the ninth act to leave the competition.

Since then, supporters of the sisters were upset after hearing their elimination. For the Dreamers (as what the girls’ supporters call themselves), the group were not only their favorite contestants – the girls were their inspiration.

Revisiting the quartet’s performances in the singing competition, here are their 10 best moments:

1. Audition

Before they became 4th Impact, they were 4th Power. At their audition in “The X Factor” UK 2015, the girls blew Wembley away with their take on Jessie J’s “Bang Bang.”

2. Bootcamp

In bootcamp, the girls were all out with their take on David Guetta’s “Titanium.”

3. Six Chair Challenge

Then six-chair challenge came. In an effort to make it to the judges’ houses, the girls gave an insane rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Show Me How You Burlesque.”

After their performance, Simon Cowell said, “I think you are actually amazing. I think you need some help in terms of the direction of the music, but I am thrilled that you have chosen this show, this country to compete in. And I think the British public are gonna fall in love with you.”

4. Judges Houses

4th Impact showed their different side by taking on Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie” and it was one of those chilling performances in “The X Factor” UK 2015.

5. Live Show 1: This Is Me

The girls had a difficult time with their first song. After consulting to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, they changed it with Ariana Grande’s “Problem.”

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6. Live Show 2: Reinvention

Throughout the week, the girls were usually seen practicing for their mashup of Girls Aloud’s “Sound of the Underground” and Lincoln Chase’s “The Clapping Song.”

7. Live Show 3: Movie Week

During this week, one of the sisters, Celina, passed out before their performance. A medic attended to Celina and said she was alright to perform.

According to Chery Fernandez-Versini, 4th Impact was given the option to have their rehearsal tapes played instead. However, they reportedly declined and said they want to continue performing live in “The X Factor” UK 2015 since Celina was deemed okay.

Right after their take on Beyonce’s “Work It Out,” Celina almost passed out, prompting Olly Murs to call for a chair.

Simon Cowell was impressed at 4th Impact’s performance despite having one of them sick.

“All I’m gonna tell you is, I’ve done this a lot of years, that was, under circumstances, one of the most incredible things we’ve seen on this show,” Cowell said.

8. Live Show 4: Love and Heartbreak

They were starting to be homesick but decided to ignore those emotions for a while to give their rendition of Christian Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man.”


9. Live Show 5: Jukebox

Week after week, fans saw 4th Impact usually performing upbeat songs and have been dying to hear them sing a ballad in “The X Factor” UK 2015.

Jukebox week came and the public voted The Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” while Cheryl Fernandez-Versini chose a mashup of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” and Gwen Stefani’s “Rich Girl.”

However, little did they know that these songs were their last.


10. Sing-Off

4th Impact and Lauren Murray were put in the sing-off round. It was a fight for their dreams, with the sisters taking on Dreamgirls musical’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” while Murray had Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love.”

However, the votes were not enough to keep the girls safe. On Sunday, Murray advanced for the Semi-Final, with 4th Impact eventually leaving “The X Factor” UK 2015.

Throughout the show, the girls made a huge impact to their fans. They have become an inspiration to take risks and pursue God-given dreams.

Congratulations to the girls for fighting it well and for the job well done.

Here’s to hoping 4th Impact would release their first album.

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Photo source: Facebook|“The X Factor”

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