10 Reasons Why You Need To Watch ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Now

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago

The comedy-drama “Magic Mike XXL” sequel to the awesome “Magic Mike” is coming to your nearest theaters this July 1. The journey of one last blow-out performance at Myrtle Beach will surely leave you wanting to see more of Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, and Joe Manganiello.

In an interview with Mirror, Channing Tatum talked about “Magic Mike XXL” and said that everyone should go watch the movie. He also added, “I’d be giving a woman a lap dance and suddenly she would grab my butt. It’s a completely crazy time.”

Well, if that is not enough for you as a reason to go watch the movie, we have listed down the top reasons why you should go watch “Magic Mike XXL”:

  1. “Magic Mike XXL” has Channing Tatum and his dancing.
  2. The movie has lesser-drama, and is easy male-centric friendly road trip.
  3. Jada Pinkett Smith is awesome.
  4. Lots of ripped arms.
  5. The top-notch bromance.
  6. The soundtrack of “Magic Mike XXL” is tremendous.
  7. The great sense of humor paired with natural performances.
  8. The whole male-centric movie is to entertain females. Characters of “Magic Mike XXL” treats women like goddesses and queens.
  9. The movie has a happy ending.
  10. “Magic Mike XXL” is a party you shouldn’t miss!

“Magic Mike XXL” has mostly received positive review after its premiere and is set on road to becoming a huge hit. This Warner Bros. Pictures is directed by Gregory Jacobs and is based characters by Reid Carolin. Apart from the main casting, “Magic Mike XXL” also has Donald Glover, Amber Heard, Kevin Nash and Elizabeth Banks.

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“Magic Mike” in 2012 has banked box-office at $167.2 million, the movie budget was only $7 million. It would be interesting to see how much “Magic Mike XXL” will be calculating on estimations.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Magic Mike

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