10 Things About Theo James That You Would Love To Know

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
10 Things About Theo James That You Would Love To Know
Theo James

Theo James is one of today’s rising stars in films, television, and theatre. He has been best known for his roles in CBS’ “Golden Boy”, as well as, “Bedlam”. The former has been a police commissioner in the city of New York.

He looks bigger and more impressive now so we thought of sharing 10 facts about the actor that you would simply love to know.

  • The actor was born on December 16, 1984, in Oxford. His name was derived from his grandfather, who is of Greek origin and resided in New Zealand. The actor is of Scottish and English heritage and is the youngest of four children.
  • James came into the acting profession by accident. He graduated from the Nottingham University and has a degree in philosophy. He accompanied his then-girlfriend to audition for a drama school and tried it out too. While his girlfriend could not get through, James was successfully got in.
  • During his course at the Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol, Antonia Thomas was his classmate. Thomas went on to act in “Misfits” as Alisha. The duo acted together in a short film titled “Monsoon Nights”.
  • If you are yet to hear his name, you may still remember his role in “Downtown Abbey”, an ITV drama where he played the role of a handsome Turkish diplomat called Kemal Pamuk, who died promptly after seducing Lady Mary. In the drama, Lady Mary’s family was compelled to hide the secret of her acts. Though James was only in a single episode, he had made a lasting impression on the show.
  • If you can’t remember Theo James in “Downton Abbey”, you would surely remember him acting in a movie called “The In Betweeners”. He played the role of James, the main villain in it who was a rival of Simon for attracting the affections of Carley. The stunts in the movie where he appears were impressive and memorable.
  • Theo James has a musical background too. He was the lead singer in a band called “Shere Khan” that is based out of London. He is immensely talented and plays harmonica, piano, saxophone, guitar, and also likes to beatbox. He loves singing baritone. In fact, if he had not succeeded as an actor, he might have opted for being a one-man band.
  • The actor follows some exciting hobbies. He is fond of sports like rugby, basketball, and boxing. He also loves adventure sports such as cliff jumping and deep sea diving. He is also an accomplished dancer of jazz, tap and ballet. But that is not the end of his list of talents. He has trained himself in parkour and also learnt to train with whips and knives for his role in the movie “Underworld”.
  • James is highly accomplished at a number of accents and can run a conversation in different voices from New York American and Scottish to Southern Irish.
  • Though his dashing appearance is the subject of several fan sites, he would prefer to be known for his good acting ability. He said once that he knows that he often gets a role in movies due to his good looks, but he hopes to keep the job through his acting skills.
  • Theo James was not always associated with glamorous jobs. Before he got stardom and fame, some of his earlier jobs included being a lifeguard, bartender, cleaning homes of deceased people, and his job with NHS cleaning.

Catch Theo James in his latest project, “Divergent: Allegiant” when it hits theaters next year!


Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Theo James

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