These 10 ‘Toy Story’ Secrets Will Surely Blow Your Mind

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
These 10 ‘Toy Story’ Secrets Will Surely Blow Your Mind
Toy Story

“Toy Story” could not be a new name for movie audiences but very few fans would know the secrets while this ever successful movie was shot. Celebrating 20 years in the industry, we are sharing ten secrets, that we bet will definitely blow your  mind.

John Lasseter, the director of the movie, used his own childhood toys to create Woody and Buzz. Well, don’t you think the director uses his old commodities quite well. Good job, John Lasseter

The first gift that Andy received from his mother was Buzz Lightyear but very few must have known that initially, Buzz Lightyear was called Lunar Larry. His name was later changed to Buzz Lightyear. The word was taken from the name of Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, while Lightyear is the distance which a light covers in a year.

Bill Crystal was first offered to voice Buzz Lightyear but he refused to accept it. After the worldwide success of the “Toy Story”, Crystal admits that refusing such an offer was his worst mistake and therefore learning it, he didn’t give a second thought when offered to voice Mike Wazowski for “Monster’s Inc.” .

“Toy Story” was the first animated movie that was fully computer generated. Each frame took anywhere from four to 13 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of the shot.

It is only the Pixar movie that includes full opening credits.

The character of Sid Philips, who has been shown as the terrifying child who takes joy in destroying toys, was actually inspired by one a former Pixar employee who often disassembled toys for bizarre experiments and creations.

Every car shown in the movie has a license plate dating back to November 1995, the year the movie was released.

Andy, the name was a mark of respect to Andries “Andy” Van Dam, who is a professor and computer science and animation pioneer from Brown University. Actually, Van Dam taught most of the “Toy Story” creators.

Earlier, the character of Woody was portrayed as a rude and sarcastic jerk, who insulted other toys but the script was written again  to make Woody a more lenient and charismatic character.

With this, we come to the last point, a bunch of books in Andy’s room are titled after short animated films that were created by Pixar namely “Tin Toy” and “Knick Knack.”

The latest “Toy Sory 4” will hit the big screens in 2018 and as per The Huffington Post, it will revolve around a new adventure for one of the toys that was given away.


Photosource: Disney

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