10 Unknown Facts About James Bond: Spectre

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
10 Unknown Facts About James Bond: Spectre
James Bond

It might be time in release of the most awaited spy movie of the year and fans all around have been making guesses as to what would be there in the “James Bond: Spectre” this time. Any ways, you will see the movie when it will release, but here we share few unknown facts about “James Bond: Spectre”, that will give you an idea as to how interesting and amazing it is going to be. Believe us, the wait is worth it….. Read now (via Metro)

1. While shooting in Rome, the Mayor allowed to shut the busiest road of the country so that crew can film the high car chasing scene.

2. The crew of Spectre traveled to Morocco, Austria and Mexico to shot the film.

3. Not just road, even a plaza, in Mexico, was shut for four days to shoot huge sequences in the film. The opening scene of the Mexico shows the Dead Festivities and it took six months to make costumes for thousands of people.

4. Lucia, the character played by Monica Bellucci,is the James Bond’s oldest love interest at 50.

5. Another love interest of James Bond is played by Madeleine Swann as Léa Seydoux.’She’s not a cliche,’ the actress says. ‘She’s a real character.’

6. Apart from cars and gadgets, fans will get to see more in this Spectre, Daniel Craig said: ‘When we did Casino we shied away from the classic Bond stuff. It was important not to have them. We have to find a way to feed them in a believable way.’

7. For a change, Moneypenny does not try to kill James this time. In fact she goes inside the flat to see him and there they have a big flirt.

8. Director of the film, Sam Mendes, praises Christoph Waltz for his role as  Franz Oberhauser. For his character,  Christoph Waltz says, “It’s a venture into the darker sides of my personality. What’s in the shadow is more intriguing. You have to make an effort to see what’s in the shadow.”

9.DB10 was made for the Spectre as DB5 was destroyed at the end of Skyfall.According to Daniel, only 10 were produced, and for James we could not bring that old back in, so we’ve brought in something new but with old twists.


10. With this we come to the last point, as the rumors are going on for Spectre to be the last James Bond series for Daniel but as per the concert the 007 actor has one more film to work with the director.

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