The 100 Contents Under Pressure Recap

By April Lara | 4 years ago
The 100 Contents Under Pressure Recap
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One of the most unforgettable episodes of “The 100” is the one titled “Contents Under Pressure.” In this episode, Clarke and Raven worked together to save Finn’s life while Bellamy and his group found a Grounder that they set up for questioning. Finally, the Ark and “The 100” were able to communicate. Read on to have a more detailed look back at this episode in MNG’s  “The 100” “Contents Under Pressure” recap.

Abby was confronted by the council regarding her crimes that involve alerting the people of the Ark and getting Raven to earth. However, the whole interrogation was interrupted by the voice of Raven. She can now finally communicate with the Ark and she and Clarke needs the help of Abby to ensure Finn’s safety. However, Abby is still needed on the Ark and she was told that her life will be spared but her seat on the Council is revoked.

Raven’s messages were contained to the control room and through this, Abby was able to help Clarke with Finn from there. However, there was a hurricane on top of their camp while they were talking, so the communication lines were not that clear. Also, the hurricane was a disturbance to earth as well. Jaha then asked Clarke about Wells and she was left with no choice but to break the news that his son is dead. After Clarke and Raven talked with the Ark, Bellamy started questioning the Grounder again.

They were able to save Finn but after pulling the knife out, he was feverish and pale. Abby assured them that this is normal and is to be expected after having sustained such an injury.

Bellamy was not going to give up easily when it comes to questioning the Grounder, he really wants the answers. Octavia tried to stop him because the Grounder saved her life but her brother won’t hear any of it until they found the Grounder’s journal filled with drawings. One drawing is of Octavia’s while the other was the camp of “The 100.” And because of this, Bellamy freaked out, Clarke saw the whole thing and she didn’t like how Bellamy handled the whole Grounder situation. Bellamy showed her the journal and claimed that they’re in a war.

Also, Diana is now the newest member of the council, which is quite a bit sketchy.

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