The 100 Recap: Blood Must Have Blood (Part II)

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
The 100 Recap: Blood Must Have Blood (Part II)
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“The 100” Season 2 Episode 16 “Blood Must Have Blood (Part II)”, season finale, aired last Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 9:00 PM on The CW. In this episode, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) teamed up with Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick), Octavia Blake (Marie Avgerpolous), Monty Green (Christopher Larking) and Maya (Eve Harlow) to finally rescue her people from Mount Weather. However, they are faced with a difficult choice that would affect their lives, and those of Mount Weather’s, forever. Meanwhile, Chancellor Theolonius Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and John Murphy (Richard Harmon) finally reach the end of their journey, and discover surprising secrets about the past.  Read on to learn more about this episode.

As the group of Chancellor Theolonius Jaha (Isaiah Washington), who had followed a drone, neared an island with a lighthouse, they were attacked by a sea creature. As soon as they reached the shore, Jaha tried to help John Murphy (Richard Harmon), as his hand was injured, but Murphy told him that he should go and follow the drone, which had shone up again, as he was tired, and wouldn’t make it.

Meanwhile, in the Reaper Tunnels, while Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos) waited for back up to come, the lifeless body of Fox (Genevieve Buechner) was dumped out the chute. Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) then came and explained Octavia what had happened, and banged on the door, and tried to blast the access panel with her gun, as she was desperate to get inside. Thankfully, Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick), Monty Green (Christopher Larkin), and Maya (Ever Harlow) opened the door for them. After realizing that they had no army, and that Maya needed to get to Level 5, which was crawling with guards, so that she could get fresh oxygen, they decided to split up.

In the dorm rooms, Lieutenant Emerson (Toby Levins) revealed that they had captured David Miller (Chris Sheilds), Dr.  Abby Griffin (Paige Turco), who immediately asked about Clarke, and Marcus Kane (Henry Ian Cusick). Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) was then taken, but she put up a fight before they could strap her down so that they could start drilling into her.

Meanwhile, Maya managed to get some air, and Jasper told them that he planned to kill President Cage Wallce (Johnny Whitworth).

In quarantine, Clarke, Bellamy and Monty asked for Dante’s (Raymond J. Barry) help, which he refused to give as that would mean that he would be condemning his own people. They then realized that the deal had been his idea, and he told Clarke that he decided not to join his people so that he alone could bear the price of what their freedom cost. They then brought Dante to the command center, where they saw on the monitors, which Monty activated, that Raven was being drilled.

Clarke then told Cage via radio to release his people or else she would kill Dante. Bellamy tried to talk her out of it, but as there was no choice, Clarke shot him to death, and threatened to irradiate the entire place if he didn’t let the others go. Because of this, Cage sent Emerson to kill them, and placed Abby on the table to be drilled instead of Raven. Cage wouldn’t listen to Kane, who told him that they could donate their marrow so that no one would die.

Meanwhile, Octavia gave Jasper her knife, and he let himself be lightly cuffed by their friend, Officer Lee (Nick Hunnings), so that he could be brought to the dorms.

That morning, on the island, Murphy accidentally activated a solar panel, and music started to play from the lighthouse. Inside, he discovered a richly decorated room, with food and drinks.

Inside Mount Weather, Octavia and Maya were seen, and were chased down into the mess hall, guns pointed at their backs.

At the command center, Emerson was starting to blow up the door. Clarke saw that her mother was being drilled, and Bellamy became worried about his sister. Clarke then decided to pull the lever to irradiate the place, but before she did so, Bellamy joined her, and they pulled it together, killing everyone, including children, there. At the same time, Jasper was about to stab Cage when all the soldiers started to die. Jasper then rushed to the mess hall, only to discover that Maya was dying.

Outside, Cage tried to escape, but was killed by Lincoln (Ricky Whittle).

Everyone, including Abby, returned to Camp Jaha, and Jasper refused to speak to Monty, Clarke or Bellamy. Clarke then told Bellamy that she couldn’t join them as she was horrified at what she had done, and decided to leave. The two then hugged, and wished that they would meet each other again soon.

Meanwhile, on the island, Murphy watched the video of the owner of the lighthouse. In it, he had shot himself as he felt guilty that his girlfriend had launched the nuclear missiles that started the war. On the other side of the island, Jaha entered a mansion, who was greeted by an Artificial Intelligence being named Allie, who told him that she had gotten his present and showed him the missile that he had come down to Earth in.

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