The 100 Recap: Bodyguard of Lies

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The 100 Recap: Bodyguard of Lies
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“The 100” Season 2 Episode 14 “Bodyguard of Lies” aired last Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2015 at 9:00 PM on The CW.

In this episode, in the Grounder and Sky People Army Camp, Lexa (Alycia Carey-Debnam) tried to reassure Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) that they did the right thing in not informing the leaders at Tondc about the missile, but crosses the line after she sent her bodyguard to kill Octavia Blake (Marie Avergopolous), who revealed to Clarke that she knew that she and Lexa had known about this missile. This, however, led Lexa to admit her true feelings to Clarke before the war began. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Meanwhile, Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), with the help of Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) and Kyle Wick (Steve Talley) managed to disable the acid fog. However, things weren’t all that good as it seemed, but Bellamy managed to figure things out. Meanwhile, Chancellor Theolonius Jaha (Isaiah Washington), John Murphy (Richard Harmon) and his men managed to go through a minefield, only to realize that they still had farther to go, and went on another journey of faith.

In the desert, Chancellor Theolonius Jaha (Isaiah Washington), John Murphy (Richard Harmon) and his men walked on. One of the men began telling jokes, but was cut short after the ground began to explode, and after the body parts of several of the men in the group were severed as they had walked into a minefield. Jaha then ordered them to stay put.

Meanwhile, at Mount Weather, President Cage Wallace (Johnny Whitworth) learned that the forty four prisoners that they had, including Monty (Christopher Larkin) and Jasper Jordan (Devon Bostick) were missing, which meant that they had got help from someone inside the base. Lieutenant Emerson then suggested that they used the fact that they had killed ten of their soldiers in order to “flush them out”. Cage then instructed that when the Grounder-Sky People army came within range, they would deploy the acid fog on them.

At the Grounder-Sky People Army Camp, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) was visibly worried about Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley), who was still inside Mount Weather. She told the Commander, Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) that she was worried about him as they needed him to keep the Sky People together, especially since Bellamy was one of the reasons why they, the original one hundred, had managed to survive all this time. However, Lexa told her that in order to be a great leader, she should be able to learn how to block her emotions so that she could become a leader that people could look up to, and one who people would die for. Clarke then told her that she didn’t want to be a leader, but Lexa assured her that she was meant to be one.

Back at the Ark, Raven Reyes (Lindsey Morgan) checked in with Bellamy, who discovered that the keycard that he had stolen wasn’t working at the moment. After a unit of soldiers were deployed to capture him, he managed to fight them off, and got one keycard so that he could sneak into Vincent’s quarters. There, he met a soldier named Lee who was sympathetic to their cause, and Vincent (Ian Tracey) gave him a torch, a gun and also told him about a route where the acid fog tanks were kept, . While Bellamy went to that particular area, at the ark, while Kyle Wick (Steve Talley) and Raven started to collaborate to figure out how to neutralize the acid fog in time.

Back at the army camp, Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropolous) revealed to Clarke that she knew that she and Lexa were aware about the missile, and couldn’t believe that she let that happen, as Bellamy would have found another way, even though Clarke insisted that she had done it to save Bellamy. Lexa then came, which meant that she had heard everything. Niko, her bodyguard then told Octavia that she was now to stand watch with Indra (Adina Porter) outside the camp, despite the fact that she was supposed to be on a scouting mission with Lincoln.

Afterwards, even if Clarke told Lexa that Octavia could be trusted, Lexa ordered Niko to kill Octavia. However, after Clarke discovered that Indra was not on watch, and that the orders had been changed, Clarke threatened Niko, who was already poised to kill Octavia with an arrow, to stop.

Back at the desert, Murphy, Jaha and the two other men that they had left, woke up after the sandstorm had cleared. They then decided to follow Jaha across the minefield after seeing that rays of light seemed to emanate from the ground behind the dune ahead of them, which meant that they had finally reached the City of Light.

Back at the camp, Clarke was furious at Lexa for ordering Niko to kill Octavia, as she couldn’t believe that Lexa didn’t trust her. She then told her that it’s because of her feelings and her closeness to Octavia that she knew that Octavia wouldn’t let others know that they had known about the missile.

She then scolded Lexa and told her that she was a hypocrite in telling her to block out her emotions because Lexa did have feelings for Gustus, and because Clarke knew that Lexa was still haunted by her late girlfriend. She then told Lexa that she couldn’t sacrifice any more of the Sky People, and that if Lexa tried to hurt Octavia, she would let everyone know that they had known about the missile.

In the desert, Jaha led them slowly move forward by creating a safe path for them to follow, by testing the sand with his stick. However, after a while, one of the men became impatient and surged forward, only to be stopped in time by the Chancellor right before the man hit a bigger mine.

At Mount Weather, Bellamy entered the room with the tanks of acid fog, and immediately patched himself through to Raven and Wick at the Ark. He then went to the monitor, as instructed, and read out the labels for Raven and Wick. After pressing on the directory that controlled Maintenance and Cleaning, Bellamy activated the Preservation button so that the acid would be neutralized.

After they had succeeded in doing so, Bellamy got ready to leave the room, and Raven and Wick almost kissed. Raven then went outside to send out a flare signal that would alert the army that it was safe for them to go ahead and storm Mount Weather.

Back at the desert, they finally managed to get out of the minefield, and ran up the dune, only to find another desert filled with solar panels, which was the place from where the light was coming from. However, Jaha refused to give up hope in his search, and surged forward.

Back at the camp, Lexa told Clarke that Octavia was safe from her, and that she trusted Clarke as she cared for her. Lexa then kissed Clarke, who responded, but pulled away immediately and told her that she wasn’t ready for a relationship yet. They were then interrupted by shouts that the signal had been seen, and Lexa was impressed with Bellamy. Lexa then had the alarm sounded as they were finally going to war. Meanwhile, back at camp, Raven and Wick slept together.

At Mount Weather, it turned out that what Bellamy had seen on the monitors had been manipulated by the control room of the base to make it seem like the acid fog had been neutralized, and that the soldier he had met earlier was really working for Cage, and had managed to steal Bellamy’s radio so that they could monitor his communications with the ark, and jammed it after they believed that they were safe.

However, before Bellamy exited the room, he noticed a pressure gauge tucked in a corner. When he looked at it, he realized that they had been tricked, and tried to inform Raven and Wick, who didn’t hear him as their communications had been jammed. It turned out that Cage wanted them to believe that it had worked so that they could deploy the fog once the army reached the “kill zone”, as indicated on their monitor screen. However, Bellamy thought fast, and left his torch open near an oxygen tank, and dived into the vents right before the other soldiers came in.

He then quickly ran out of bullets and hurried to get out of the vents, followed by Lee, before the oxygen tank exploded, burning up the entire room, the acid, and the soldiers inside. Thankfully, he managed to land in the safe zone in the nick of time after the oxygen had blown up the room. Because of this, Mount Weather had no more weapons to deploy against the Grounder-Sky People Army, and could only hope to keep the doors shut from within.

Back at the Ark, after they had slept together, Wick noticed that Raven was still conflicted, as she didn’t say anything, but got ready to meet the strike team. He then told her that he was ready to jump into a relationship with her, but warned her that he would only do so after she figured out her own feelings for him.

At the Grounder-Sky People Army, Clarke tried to reassign Octavia to the rear guard, but she refused as she took her orders from Indra. Octavia then learned that Indra knew that Lexa and Clarke had known about the missile, but she deemed that it was necessary, and that was one reason why Lexa was a great commander- she was ruthless, even though it could be morally wrong.

Back in the desert, Murphy, frustrated at the solar panels, threw a rock at it. When he did, a drone suddenly rose into the sky, and flew forwards. They then decided to follow it until it began to fly over a large body of water. As there was a boat available, Jaha and the others got in, and continued to follow the drone.

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