“The 100” Season 3 Premiere Title Revealed!

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
“The 100” Season 3 Premiere Title Revealed!
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“The 100” isn’t due to hit the small screen until the midseason arrives, leaving fans of the hit CW post-apocalyptic to rely on several hints and teases in order to figure  out what will be happening in the upcoming third season. Thankfully, due to the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con, fans were able to get to hear the cast’s and Jason Rothenberg’s thoughts regarding plans for the upcoming third season, and just a few days ago, a cast member and a main character within the series took to Twitter and posted a very revealing, yet cryptic tease as to what to expect with the premiere episode of the season. Read on to learn more about what might happen in the first episode of the third season.

Just a few days ago, right after the aftermath of all the excitement, teases and little hints dropped here and there. During the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con, Isaiah Washington, who plays the Arker’s Chancellor, Chancellor Theolonius Jaha, took to Twitter in his excitement in receiving and reading the script of the premiere episode of the third season, and posted its cover page on July 17, 2015.


According to his post, the first episode of the season will be entitled “Wanheda-Part One.” It  means that the season will open with a two-parter right off the bat. Thanks to the cover page, it is now known that the script for “Wanheda-Part One” was written by show creator and producer Jason Rothenberg, and it will be directed by Dean White.

While the true meaning of “Wanheda” is still unknown, it is most probable that the word is Grounder in origin. Enstarz  has reported that  Rothenberg has said the third season will feature the Grounder’s culture more than ever, as that hadn’t really been explored in depth in the past two seasons.

What do you think “Wanheda” means? As it is a two parter season premiere, what do you think might happen to the Grounders and the Sky People? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Catch “The 100” when it returns on the CW this upcoming midseason.

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