‘The 100’ Spoilers and Casting Updates: Rhiannon Fish and Jessica Harmon Added; Season Three Finale To be Filmed Soon

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘The 100’ Spoilers and Casting Updates: Rhiannon Fish and Jessica Harmon Added; Season Three Finale To be Filmed Soon
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The winter hiatus, when it comes to television, means two things- shows go on hiatus for a week or two, then come back with a wonderful winter or fall finale, or they have a fall finale, which should satisfy fans until they come back next year. However, the winter hiatus doesn’t necessarily meant that there isn’t anything to watch anymore, as the midseason and winter shows come back or debut for the first time. One of the most anticipated returning midseason shows is the CW’s “The 100”, which will come back sometime in January 2016. Fans of the show, however, are getting excited for the show’s third season, especially as it has been learned that a couple of new and interesting characters have been added to the cast, and as show creator and executive producer Jason Rothenberg has given fans, recently, an update as to how far in they are with shooting the upcoming season. Read on to learn more about this story.

CW’s post-apocalyptic show, “The 100”, based on Kass Morgan’s young adult series of books, has been an overwhelming success ever since it first aired.


Now, as the midseason and winter season is slowly kicking in, fans of the show are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming third season of the show, which, according to Jason Rothenberg’s Twitter account, is almost done, as he recently posted that the finale of the upcoming season if finally up “on the board”.

Aside from this, it was recently learned that actress Rhiannon Fish  will be joining the cast for the third season, according to The Wrap, and will be portraying a recurring character throughout the season.

The Wrap described her character, Ontari, as a fierce and loyal Grounder warrior, who has been in training since she was young.

She, according to the article, is also pretty good at “deception”.


Another actress who is joining the show is Richard Harmon’s sister, Jessica Harmon, who currently portrays FBI Agent Dale Bozzio on “iZombie” on CW. She will be portraying a character named Niylah on “The 100”.

Richard, who portrays John Murphy on “The 100”, and Jason Rothenberg both proudly announced this new item on their respective Twitter accounts.

Are you excited for the third season of “The 100”? What are you looking forward to when it returns? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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