‘The 100’ Spoilers: Clarke Griffin’s Life in the Wild Revealed!

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘The 100’ Spoilers: Clarke Griffin’s Life in the Wild Revealed!
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In the season finale of  the sophomore season of  the CW’s “The 100”, the drastic actions that Sky People leader Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) took to save her people caused her to leave Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) in charge of Camp Jaha, as she had decided to go on a “walkabout” in the jungle in order to find herself again. Even though when the third season opens, Clarke will still be away from home. Recent reports have surfaced regarding what is happening to Clarke on her walkabout, as well as new information regarding several new characters that might be interacting early on in the season with Clarke. WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for the upcoming season of “The 100”. Read on to learn more about will be happening to Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) in the upcoming season.

By the time the third season opens, fans and viewers of the CW show “The 100” will find Camp Jaha with Bellamy Blake (Bob Morley) as leader, without Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor), who had decided to go on a “walkabout”, as being in the camp reminded her too much of the lives that she had taken in order to rescue her people from Mount Weather. Bellamy, however, according to an interview along with executive producer Jason Rothenberg with Entertainment Tonight shortly after the end of the second season, has said that Bellamy, in the third season, has learned to adapt to become a better leader without Clarke by his side.

However, according to Fashion and Style, Clarke will not be able to run from her ghosts and inner demons for long, as she will be encountering a new character named Roan, who confronts her regarding what she had done on Mount Weather, according to an audition video for the character, which had recently been leaked on line. The audition conversation went on to reveal that this character had been exiled by his own people several years back, and ends up asking a very big favor from her, which will allow Clarke to decide what kind of person she truly is.

Also, according to another leaked audition tape which was released on Spoiler TV, there will be another new character named Pike.

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