“The 100” Spoilers: A Possible Pregnancy and Clark’s New Look

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
“The 100” Spoilers: A Possible Pregnancy and Clark’s New Look
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January 2016 and the third season premiere of CW’s “The 100”  seem to be light years away, but according to recent reports, it isn’t too early for production to begin, and it isn’t too early for little hints and teases from the cast and the show’s showrunner, regarding the third season, as seen in the little hints he has been dropping in interviews, and on social media, such as a possible major new look for Clark Griffin (Eliza Taylor), and other interesting pieces of news. WARNING: This article contains spoilers on the upcoming season of the post-apocalyptic young adult show, “The 100”. Read on only to learn more about the recent hints that showrunner Jason Rothenberg has dropped.

Comic-Con San Diego, aside from being a place where fans of various television shows and fandoms can come together in one big celebration of popular culture, is a place where television reporters and actors alike can get little hints as to the future of a particular character, or the show that they are in.

For the casts of several CW shows, this was done in a novel and entertaining way. E! News allowed the cast of shows such as “The 100” and “The Flash” to interview their respective showrunners in order to learn more what is in store for their respective characters.

One such show that did this was “The 100,”  as Marie Avgeropoulos, who portrays Octavia Blake, Eliza Taylor, who portrays Clark Griffin, and Isaiah Washington, who portrays former Chancellor Theolonius Jaha, was  invited to interview their showrunner, Jason Rothenberg.

According to the interview, Rothenberg hinted that someone on the show might be on the family way sometime soon. However, he mentioned that the cast members with him, and in particular Taylor and  Avgeropoulos, would not be welcoming a bundle of joy anytime soon.

Rothenberg then playfully to Taylor that her character, Clark Griffin, is currently going crazy on her “walkabout” around the jungle. He confirmed that none of the cast members with him were going to have scenes together in the season premiere.

Just recently, Rothenberg took to Twitter, and teased the results of Clark’s lonesome walkabout, as he shared a picture of Clark in full Grounder garb.


It wasn’t stated as to what Grounder clan Clark’s makeup and clothing is from, but this little tease just might be a preview as to what fans and viewers might expect from Clark come season three.

Do you think that Clark has gone native? If so, why do you think she is there, and what clan’s gear and make up do you think she is sporting? Does this mean that Clark won’t go back to Camp Jaha and the rest  of the Sky People? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

And those were the latest hints and teases for the upcoming third season of the CW’s  “The 100” For more news and on “The 100” and other television shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Catch an all new season of “The 100” when it returns this midseason on the CW in 2016.

Photo Source:The 100 Official Facebook Page


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