“The 100” Updates: Get The Details On Lexa’s Return And Shawn Mendes’ Role

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
“The 100” Updates: Get The Details On Lexa’s Return And Shawn Mendes’ Role
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With CW’s “The 100” announcing new characters left and right for the upcoming third season, and with the show beginning to film again, fans of the post-apocalyptic drama are in for a treat as it was recently discovered that a fan favorite character in the series, Alycia Debnam-Carey’s Lexa, will be back and that a new character has been added in the person of a web star and singer, Shawn Mendes. WARNING: This article may contain spoilers on the upcoming third season of CW’s “The 100”. Read on to learn more about what will happen in the third season.

Recently, Debnam-Carey, at the recently concluded Television Critics Association summer press tour last Friday, talked about her character, Lexa’s reappearance in the upcoming third season of CW’s “The 100.” She also talked about what she hopes for her character, and what she expects might happen to Lexa in the upcoming first season.

First and foremost, Debnam-Carey told The Wrap that she knows that the Grounder leader Lexa will be seen in the first couple episodes. However, she herself, according to her interview with IGN, doesn’t know exactly when she’ll be going up to film her scenes for the third season, but she did tease that there will be a “big moment for Lexa during the upcoming season.

With regards to Lexa’s choice, Debnam-Carey told during the interview that she believes Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) did understand her choice, but Clarke is more of an optimist than Lexa, who is more realistic. For Lexa, she believes that she made her decision based on her duty to her people.

Debnam-Carey also mentioned that she knows that Lexa loves Clarke very much and that a “Bellamy-Clarke-Lexa” love triangle would make things very interesting, The Wrap reported.

Also, it has been announced last week on E!Online that Shawn Mendes, web star and singer, will be heading towards the post-apocalyptic drama, as he will be guest starring in the series in the upcoming season.

According to reports, Mendes will be portraying an Ark survivor. He uses his own unique talents to get out of a rather sticky situation. However, this makes fans of Mendes and of “The 100” wonder if this means that there will be a musical number on the show.

What do you think will happen to Lexa in the third season? What will be Clarke’s reaction when she sees her next? What do you think of Shawn Mendes guest starring in the series? Let us know in the comments below!

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