11 Details On ‘The Last Of Us’ Movie That Might Excite As Well As Disappoint Fans

By Martin Suan | 3 years ago
11 Details On ‘The Last Of Us’ Movie That Might Excite As Well As Disappoint Fans
The trailer of Naughty Dog’s “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” has featured a dialogue option for players to choose what to answer or what to do. Will this be the style of “The Last of Us 2”?

A release of the movie adaptation for “The Last of Us” video game was first only a speculation. However, it turned out that Sony was planning on releasing one after all. So, here are 11 details that have been revealed so far.

1. There are already two registered domains for “The Last Of Us” movie

Anytime sooner, fans could expect a domain for “The Last of Us” movie adaptation.

On November 2013, IGN managed to spot two registered domains for the said film at Domain Tools. The first one was named “TheLastOfUs-Movie.com” and the second was “TheLastOfUsMovie.net.”

The domains were reportedly registered by MarkMonitor, which was said to be an online brand protect agency by Sony, IGN reported.

2. Resident Evil film franchise studio will distribute the movie

 Screen Gems, who distributed Resident Evil films, has completed the deal to distribute “The Last of Us” movie adaptation, IGN reported.

3. “Spider-Man” trilogy director to be one of the movie’s producers

Sami Raimi, who has been known for directing the first “Spider-Man” trilogy (2002-2007), joined in the project to be one of its producers.

Ghost House Pictures, a company owned by Sami Raimi, would also be producing the film.

4. Naughty Dog, Inc. drafting the movie’s screenplay

Naughty Dog seemed to ensure to fans that it won’t disappoint them upon the release of “The Last of Us” movie. Game developer Neil Druckmman was helming the screenplay.

Along with Druckmann, co-developer Bruce Straley, and Naughty Dog co-presidents Evan Wells and Christopher Balestra were also working on the screenplay.

5. The movie’s story is going to be a game adaptation

Neil Druckmann gave clarifications about “The Last of Us” movie and he said it would be an adaptation of Naughty Dog’s video game.

“It’s an adaptation of the story of The Last of Us,” Druckmann said via IGN.

However, Druckmann admitted he was not sure as to how they are going to do it. But still, his statement sounds promising.

6. “Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams in talks to play Ellie

Druckmann previously confirmed during the Comic-Con 2014 that they held talks with Maisie Williams to star as Ellie in the movie, Digital Spy reported.

However, it was not revealed if the deal was finalized.

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7. The movie will have “big changes” but will stay faithful to the tone and the message of the video game’s story

Talking to Game Informer via GameSpot, Neil Druckmann said “The Last of Us” movie will contain some “big changes.” However, it won’t stray that far from the video game.

“There are some big changes, but the tone and what the story’s trying to say is pretty faithful to the game,” Druckmann said.

8. The movie’s script is now on its third draft

As mentioned, Neil Druckmann was penning the screenplay of the movie and he said the second draft was “already finished,” which is an implication that a third draft is on the works.

9. A bunch of actors have done a table read of the first and second draft

Besides completing the second draft, a bunch of actors, another implication that the cast is almost complete, have done a table read.

However, Maisie Williams was not mentioned.

10. Movie has still a long journey to go in order for it to be released

Yup! This could disappoint but, according to Williams, “The Last of Us” movie is still in its early days.

“The actual film, the making of the film, the script and everything is in very, very, very early days,” Williams said via Digital Spy.

Williams also said on April that there was no movie adaptation happening. But when it starts, she said she’s ready to play as Ellie.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Maisie Williams gave another update for “The Last of Us” movie and seemed to tell the producers to hurry before she gets old.

Williams said nothing was “set in stone” for the movie.

“But if they wait around too much longer I’m going to be too old. So we’ll see,” Williams said.

11. Viewers’ reception to “The Last of Us” movie might have been tested already through an Arnold Schwarzenegger film

Many were reportedly stunned by the striking similarity of “The Last of Us” video game to “Maggie,” a film starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the “Maggie” movie, Schwarzenegger played as a father to a girl named Maggie, who was infected by a deadly disease having no assurance of being cured.

Maggie was then turned over to a quarantine camp in order to protect Schwarzengger and the neighbors. Akin to “The Last of Us,” it also featured the father-daughter relationship between Maggie and Schwarzenegger.

Polygon reported that the director of “Maggie” was the title sequence director and designer of “The Last of Us” video game.

Does this imply that the reception for the “The Last of Us” movie was tested? No one knows.

So far, these are the details of “The Last of Us” movie. Here’s to hoping that it hits theaters soon before Maisie Williams gets too old.

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Photo source: Facebook|Naughty Dog, Inc.

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