12 Facts to Know About New Spider-Man: Tom Holland

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
12 Facts to Know About New Spider-Man: Tom Holland

The new addition to Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Holland is not someone who is already not famous. The 19-year-old charm Tom Holland comes from a already very famous background. The British little hunk has many credits to his name and is known for his acting and dancing already.

We have listed down facts about Tom Holland, which you would absolutely love to know:

  1. You’ll get to see “The Impossible” beauty also in “Captain America: Civil War” as Spider-
  2. Tom Holland is a complete mumma’s boy. He relies on his mother for almost everything, as told to Teen Vogue.
  3. Tom Holland goes to the same school as Adele, Amy Winehouse, and Jessie J went to, The Brit School.
  4. He played the title role in the musical “Billy Elliot”at the Victoria Palace Theater in London, which is on the West End.
  5. Tom Holland has already worked with Thor. He was in “In The Heart Of The Sea”with Chris Hemsworth.
  6. The little-pack Tom Hollan became a winner of the Hollywood Spotlight Award, as well as of the National Board of Review’s award in the “Breakthrough Actor” category for his role in “The Impossible”
  7. Tom Holland’s favourite movie is “Saving Private Ryan” and he absolutely loves Taylor Swift.
  8. Tom holland’s mother Nicola Elizabeth is a photographer and his dad Dominic Holland is a comedian and author
  9. Tom Holland’s brothers Sam and Harry were both present in “The Impossible” and played the part of the ‘kids in the tent’.
  10. Younger brother of Tom Holland, Harry Holland has also appeared in the movie “Diana” (2013) and played the role of Prince Harry.
  11. Tom’s father Dominic Holland had started a blog in 2011 named as “Eclipse” in which Tom’s past and then-present life was told about by his father and the blog came to its conclusion when “The Impossible” premiered in Los Angeles in 2012.
  12. Tom Holland’s brother Sam and Harry Holland are twins. And there is one more brother named Paddy Holland.

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