‘12 Monkeys’ Adds Four More Cast Members

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
‘12 Monkeys’ Adds Four More Cast Members
Todd Stashwick by David Shankbone

SyFy’s production of “12 Monkeys” has added more cast members to the series. With a targeted premiere date of January 2015, the show is currently filming in Canada. Read on to know which actors and actresses have joined the action fantasy production.

According to TV Line, the show, inspired from the 1995 movie starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt, has added four more cast members to its already long list of actors. They include Lyriq Bent (“Rookie Blue), Todd Stashwick (“The Originals”), Demore Barnes (“Hemlock Grove”) and Romina D’Ugo (“Nikita”).

Bent will take on the role of  Dr. Henri. Henri is a virologist with cutting edge methods. Stashwick, who will portray the role of Deacon, will lead The West 7, a group of scavengers from the future. The group is notorious for burning government buildings or designated quarantine zones and Deacon emerges as its leader for being the strongest survivor.

Barnes will play Whitley, from the military. Whitley would be the  last of the remaining protectors of Project Splinter, which is the last bastion of salvation in the year 2043. D’ Ugo will play as a survivor named Max who grew up during the time of the plague. Max has never known a world that wasn’t as desolated and this has made her a true survivor.

In June, “12 Monkeys” announced that it has enlisted Aaron Standford and Amanda Schull to lead the cast, and they were subsequently joined by Noah Bean, Kirk Acevedo, Tom Noonan and Emily Hampshire.  The writers and the cast have been actively posting production updates on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram, signifying that filming is indeed moving along actively.

The series is an adaptation of the blockbuster movie that features a time traveler who has to go back to the past in order to make the future a more livable place. According to reports, some elements from the original film have been tweaked and adjusted to fit the television format, but the central theme to the show remains the same.

And that’s the latest on “12 Monkeys,” an action adventure series that is expected to debut in 2015 on SyFy. As always, we will keep you posted about the show’s developments here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

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