12 Monkeys Recap: Mentally Divergent

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
12 Monkeys Recap: Mentally Divergent
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12 Monkeys” Season 1 Episode 2 “Mentally Divergent” will air on Friday, Jan. 23, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. Syfy. The episode, however, is already up on the show’s official website, ahead of its television broadcast. Read on for the recap.

It’s 2043, the present day, and the group of scientists working to find answers on to how to contain the plague are trying to trace back to Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire). Cole (Aaron Stanford) is on the field working with Ramse (Kirk Acevedo). They reach an abandoned facility, the old mental institution where Goines was confined back in 2015. They are searching for her files for clues and leads when they come in contact with looters and anarchists, as this is how it is in their world now. They manage to kill their attackers, but still found nothing. Cole and Ramse return to the laboratory and the latter tells his friend that Cole looks like he’s not been the same since coming back from 2015. What happened? Is this over a girl?

Ramse: Just remember, you’re not from there, you’re from here.

Cut to the year 2015, and Cassandra Railly (Amanda Schull) calls up her ex-boyfriend Aaron (Noah Bean) for help. She needs him to drive her to a safer place. This is immediately after leaving Frost’s facility (in Episode 1 “Splinter”). She tells Aaron that after being arrested by the police for disrupting the party, they were actually brought to a private place, where peculiar things happened, and their arrest was never put on record. Railly tells Aaron that there is a huge cover up going on. Even news of Leland Frost’s death is being reported as a heart attack, when in truth, he died of an explosion caused by the distortion of time.

Back in 2043, Jones (Barbara Sukowa), the head of the group of scientists, thinks that they have to send Cole back 2015 to talk to Jennifer Goines, since they cannot find any leads in the present day. Cole thinks that Railly could help him get inside the mental institution, but Jones says that the female doctor is no longer part of Cole’s mission. In fact, he shouldn’t be getting her involved, as this only corrupts the timeline, with him from the future working with her in the past. Cole doesn’t argue with this and prepares to time travel. He reminds Jones, however, that the time travel process is still off-tangent. They have yet to perfect this science.

Right on cue, Cole is transported, but he’s not in Philadelphia in 2015. He’s in a military facility in North Korea in 2006, arrested by the Koreans since they think he’s a spy. Warning bells ring in 2043, indicating that something is wrong, so Jones and her team immediately corrects the course. Cole disappears in front of the Koreans and wakes up, this time, in the correct time and place. He pretends to be a mentally disturbed patients, so that he could get into Goines’ hospital.

Cole finally sees Jennifer Goines, and she sees him as well. She attempts to make friends with him. But when Cole starts asking her about the 12 monkeys, she starts talking gibberish and sets off the alarm. Orderlies quickly separate them, and Cole is brought to a confined room. Jennifer, meanwhile, is being pacified by a doctor, who tells her that the 12 monkeys is all in her head. The doctor asks a nurse to bring Jennifer to a different room for sedation, and once clear out of sight, the doctor calls someone to say that Jennifer has been talking to another patient about the “murders.”

Meanwhile, Railly goes to the house of Jeremy, the friend who earlier helped her and Cole find Leland Frost. But when she gets there, she sees that Jeremy is murdered, and a tall, thin and elderly mysterious man who smelled of flowers and jasmine suddenly appears behind Railly, warning her to stop asking questions. He also asks her about Cole. Who is this man and how did he know about Cole? Railly leaves Jeremy’s house and runs.

She’s back in her house, pacing and shivering. What did she get into? Aaron arrives to tell her that she’s telling the truth; that there is indeed no record of her arrest. Aaron asks her for the complete story. Is Cole responsible? Why can’t Railly see that he’s a maniac and he’s dangerous? In fact, records show that the CIA has a record of him being arrested in North Korea in 2006. Because Cole has the address of the mental institution in his pocket when the Koreans arrested him, it was also in the records. That’s when Railly figures where she can find Cole.

Following his “attempt” on Jennifer, Cole wakes up in a confined room with both his hands restrained. But Jennifer is in front of him with a knife. Once again, he asks her about the Army of the 12 Monkeys, to which Jennifer says is not real. The doctors keep telling her it’s all in her head. Cole convinces her that it’s not.

Then she starts remembering things. She remembers seeing men in suits coming in her father’s laboratory, killing some of the scientists. She mentions about an off-site lab with a teeny tiny secret inside: the virus. She knows where this is, but she cannot say anything as a lot of scientists were killed for this information. But she remembers that there was one scientist who got away. She also tells Cole that she remembers a man with a necklace, who smelled of lavender and jasmine, who also asked her about the 12 Monkeys. This man did not hurt her, and he let her go.

Cole warns her that the Army of the 12 Monkey is going to break into the lab to steal the virus that will kill billions of people, so she has to tell him where this secret vault is. But before Cole could draw out some more from Jennifer, the doctors arrive, declaring that Cole needs to be transferred back to the county. Just then, Railly appears and claims she’s his doctor.

In private, Cole tells her she cannot be involved in this again, but Railly won’t listen. She’s in this now, especially since Jeremy is dead. She tells Cole that a mysterious man, who smelled of flowers and jasmine, killed Jeremy and threatened her. This man also asked about him.

Cole realizes that this is the same man from Goines’ memory, and he suspects that he is currently in the building. Right on cue, they come face to face with each other — Cole with Railly, and the Mysterious Man with Jennifer, who runs upon seeing them, dragging Jennifer. Cole chases after them.

There is a confrontation and it is revealed that Cole knows this man. How come Cole doesn’t remember? As they discuss, Jennifer stabs the Mysterious Man on his backside and she and Cole try to get away. But with three or four other men arriving, Cole is defeated. They take Jennifer with them.

Back at Railly’s house, they go over Jennifer’s files, and Railly notes that someone from the science lab got away, thus, evading the murder. Cole says that Jennifer did mention this, so he suggests that they find this person, as it could be a good lead. But before they could do their next move, Cole is transported back in 2043.

When he gets to the present day, he explains everything to the scientists. But once again, he’s being ordered by Jones to not get involved with Cassandra Railly. This time, Cole argues with Jones, reminding her that he’s not their soldier and his only mission was to kill Leland Frost, so what else is he doing here? So, if they want him to continue with their mission of containing the virus, they have to trust his decisions. One of this is that he has to keep working with Railly in 2015.

The episode closes in the year 2015 with the Mystery Man mixing a special brew for Jennifer. He tells her she’s not dying today, and she suddenly starts hallucinating.

That’s the recap for “12 Monkeys” Season 1 Episode 2 “Mentally Divergent,” which will air on Friday, Jan. 23, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. Syfy. However, the episode is already streaming on the official site ahead of the television broadcast. Keep following Movie News Guide (MNG) for updates, recaps and spoilers.

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