12 Monkeys Recap: Paradox

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
12 Monkeys Recap: Paradox
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12 Monkeys” Season 1 Episode 12 “Paradox” aired last Friday, Apr. 3, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy. In this episode, Dr. Cassandra “Cassie” Railly (Amanda Schull) tracked down a younger Dr. Katarina Jones (Barbara Sukowa). He did it in order to figure out a way to save James Cole (Aaron Stanford), only to discover that something nearly impossible was the only thing that could save him. Meanwhile, Aaron Marker (Noah Bean) worked against Cassie to protect her from the plague, no matter what. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began in 2043. Dr. Katarina Jones (Barbara Sukowa)  reassured her scientists that even though they had lost any trace of James Cole (Aaron Stanford) in 2015. He had managed to successfully splinter there.

In 2015, a younger Jones returned from a dinner with her father in Manhattan. She explained to him that she was joining a particular company as they specialized in “quantum splintering.” Then, she was confronted by Dr. Cassandra “Cassie” Railly (Amanda Schull). She told her at gunpoint that she needed her help as Cole was dying.

At Cassie’s place in Washington DC, Cole woke up. It was after having another dream of Cassie as well as the pale man (Tom Noonan) standing in front of him, a glass of milk dropping to the floor and a gun firing. After waking up, Aaron Marker (Noah Bean) called up Cassie. She was trying to convince Jones to help them by telling her everything and showing her pictures of her completed work in the future, as Cole started seizing. He then breathed again after Aaron jabbed a hypodermic injection in him, but this gave Jones enough time to get a knife. She knew that Cassie’s gun was fake. Cassie then begged her to help Cole as the future Jones had sent Cole back in time.

Back in Washington, Aaron tried to convince Cole to help him save Cassie. They were interrupted by Cassie and Jones. They had decided to come along, and asked for blood samples which Cassie drew.

Cole then told Cassie that what she did was risky, and marveled at the fact that Jones had always had known who he was.

In 2043, Jones and her team redid their wall of evidence. It included the original CDC report done by Cassie that the plague was airborne and the fact that the Markridge Group had gotten a new CEO late in 2015. The CEO turned out to be Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire), who had been released from the hospital, and ousted the current CEO.

Back in Washington, after Jones realized that Cole was more than just a friend to Cassie, Cassie told her that Jones, in the future, had sent Cole to the past after finding the message that Cassie had left Cole. He told her that Cole had convinced her that he was from the future as he had created a paradox when her watch touched her watch from the future. Because of this, Jone, upon discovering that Cole had been born in 2009, realized that if they injected the adult Cole with the young Cole’s blood from the present, it would stabilize him, and “undo the shifting,” as it would create a paradox.

Cassie then confronted Aaron who had left to make a call, and explained to her that he was trying to save her. However, Cassie went back in, and Aaron met up with Olivia (Alisen Down). He told her that he felt “ashamed” in agreeing to the plan as it was genocide, but made her promise that he and Cassie would be safe no matter what.

On the way to the Northside Garage which Cole’s father, Matthew Cole (Patrick Garrow) owned, Jones threw up, which made Cassie realize that she was pregnant. However, Jones told her that she wasn’t going to have the baby, as it’s father had abandoned them six days into their marriage. Meanwhile, in 2043, Jones looked at the baby blanket of her daughter and discovered the calling card of the Northside Garage.

At the garage, after explaining why they needed a blood sample from young James Cole (Jack Fulton). Matthew told them to leave, but stopped after Cassie mentioned the Army of the 12 Monkeys. James’ mother, Marion, had left James with him because she couldn’t protect him from the army.

He then became convinced after seeing the dying Cole, and the two bonded as Cassie drew some blood from the five-year-old boy. After a while, Cassie comforted Matthew outside but was interrupted by Aaron, who tried to get her to leave with him. After leaving him, she gathered up the boy, who dropped his glass of milk and together with Jones, and Matthew, ran as the pale man was there for them. Matthew then was gunned down as the three escaped in a car.

Inside, Cole created an explosion as he had injected himself with his own blood.

Jones then decided to have her baby, and Cole, who was now stuck in 2015, watched as he met a young Jose Ramse (Nicholas Shama) for the first time.

In 2043, they discovered that a red plant from 2015 was growing on the splintered chair, and discovered that Deacon (Todd Stashwick) was leading an army of pale men to the facility.

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