12 Monkeys Recap: Yesterday

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
12 Monkeys Recap: Yesterday
Aaron Stanford at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con

12 Monkeys” Season 1 Episode 8 “Yesterday” aired on Friday, March 6, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. As Jones and Ramse try to retrieve Cole in 2015, they enlist the help of a former ally. Find out what happened in the episode in the recap below.

The time machine’s core has become unstable and Cole (Aaron Stanford) is still trapped, perhaps possibly killed, somewhere in Chechnya in 2015, where the virus has been supposedly diffused with the drone strike (in the episode “The Keys” air date: Feb 27, 2014). Cassie (Amanda Schull) and Aaron (Noah Bean) are discussing Cole’s fate. Has Cole’s mission succeeded? Did it change the future? Is the future safe from the virus? Not quite so because Jones (Barbara Sukowa) and Ramse (Kirk Acevedo) still exist in the same world in 2043. They, too, are wondering about Cole in 2015. Plus, how are they going to fix the time machine?

It is revealed that Jones used to work for a military operation in finding the cure for the virus, and that if they want to fix the core, they will need help from them. Jones didn’t separate from this group in amicable ways. There was a coup some few years back, which Jones wanted no part of it. But she asks Ramse and Whitley (Demore Barnes) to seek help from them.

Meanwhile, Cole remains alive, but hurt in 2015. He’s trapped in a hole down the building after the blast. As he tries to self-medicate his injured leg, he hears people from above ground. He calls on them for help and a young girl replies. She promises she will get Cole out of the rubble.

Still in 2015, Cassie and Aaron decide to seek help from Aaron’s boss, the Senator, to confirm if everyone in the drone strike has died and if the virus has been successfully dissipated. With no clear answers, Cassie decides she will go to Chechnya herself and Aaron supports her on this. They kiss. It seems this couple is back on!

Ramse and Whitley arrive at the military facility and meet Col. Jonathan Foster (Xander Berkeley), the leader. He shows their guests what they have been trying to do since the coup. They have built a supercomputer that calculates the virus and predicts when it should mutate further. At this point, the virus has actually mutated several times since its release in 2015. Perhaps, by understanding its behavior, they can come up with the cure. Foster, however, doesn’t want to give his guests what they came for.

Ramse sees Elena (Amy Sloan), his long lost love who is now a lab technician with Foster’s group. She reveals her reason for leaving five years ago. Since Ramse was off to fight for survival, she had to find a safe haven as she was pregnant then. She proceeds to introduce Ramse to Sam, their son.

Back at the core, Jones tries to rig the time machine in another desperate attempt to retrieve Cole. While this is going on, Cole in 2015 is trying to get out of the rubble with the help of the locals. He splinters for a while. But because the machine is damaged, it did not work. In 2043, the machine actually explodes. The other scientists declare it is dead.

At the military facility, Ramse shares a moment with this son as Elena looks on with a smile, however, they are interrupted by the arrival of Jones. She wants to discuss directly with Foster and over dinner, she pleads her case. They need Foster to give up his core as Jones’ is broken. She can bring back his dead wife, society and culture as they know it, because she can stop the plague with time travel, which surprised Foster. But he maintains that Jones’ way is hopeless, and that the virus cannot be prevented. The only thing the world can do now is to move forward and find a cure. Unable to settle, Jones and the rest leave. Ramse gets to kiss Elena, promising her that he will be back.

Back in their own turf, Jones goes through Foster’s paperwork and discovers that all he’s done is to find a cure for the virus from 2033, but then this has already mutated, which means Foster’s cure hasn’t worked. Jones talks Whitley into stealing the core.

Meanwhile, back in 2015, Cassie arrives in Chechny and is allowed access to the site explosion. She sees that everything is gone. She calls up Aaron to share the good news. There’s no trace of Cole and she takes this to mean that the future has been saved.

But not quite so, because Cole is still trying to get out of the rubble, right? It turns out that Cole did splinter a little bit in time. He’s in 2017! And as he’s helped out of the hole by the young girl and the locals, he’s told that they have been plagued with a virus. Everywhere in the world, people are dying. Cole walks towards the edge of a cliff upon hearing this and sees the pile of bodies.

There you have it for the recap of “12 Monkeys” Season 1 Episode 8 “Yesterday” which aired on Friday, March 6, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. For more about this show, keep following Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly for the updates.

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