’12 Monkeys’ Spoilers: More Time Travelling and Shifting Alliances

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
’12 Monkeys’ Spoilers: More Time Travelling and Shifting Alliances
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After months of waiting, more information has come to light regarding the upcoming second season of SyFy’s time travelling post-apocalyptic series, “12 Monkeys.” The series debuted in April of 2015, and become a surprise hit, especially as the series is a reboot of the Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt film of the same name.

However, before the year ends, more information regarding the fate of humanity has finally been released, especially with regards to Emily Hampshire’s Jennifer Goines. WARNING: This article will contain spoilers for the second season of “12 Monkeys.”

“12 Monkeys,” a reboot of the 1995 film of the same name, became a surprise hit in the summer of 2015, winning viewers over with its memorable characters and a plot that keeps one guessing until the very end.


At the end of the first season finale, the time traveling James Cole (Aaron Stanford), who seemingly couldn’t make any more jumps back into the future, saved his former partner’s life, and sent Dr. Cassandra “Cassie ”Railly (Amanda Schull) into the future, in the hopes that she would be safe there. She then appears in the future, much to the bewilderment of Dr. Katarina Jones (Barbara Sukowa), and Deacon’s (Todd Stashwick) group, who had just stormed the facility the time machine was being kept in.

Elsewhere, the mysterious and eccentric Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire) took canisters of the plague with her, in order to start spreading the infection that will kill humanity.

However, based on the first look trailer that debuted during last October’s New York Comic Con, that was also shared on Entertainment Weekly, the plague seems to be the least of their problems.

The trailer is narrated by Jones, who mentions that time itself is being used against them, and as the trailer progressed, it seems like events will allow for the fabric of time and space to unravel.

Cassie is seen in the past with Cole, who seemingly has regained the ability to travel through time again.

Cassie, who has just come from the future, then tries to tell Cole that by saving Ramse’s (Kirk Avecedo) life, he had set about another chain of events that would still lead to the destruction of humanity.

The full effects of time and space getting ripped apart are then felt by both Cole, who also seems to get blown up while traveling through time, and by Jones herself.

The end of the trailer comes to a shock for most fans of the series, as Cassie is seen pointing a gun towards Cole, who had been trying to stop an eager Jennifer behind him.

According to a recent interview that Comic Book Resources had with the show’s co-creator, Terry Matalas, fans should expect more from Jennifer, as she will be a key character this season. It was also confirmed that Jennifer is very much connected to every single thing that will be happening.


It was also teased that there will be a lot of time traveling to the past, as well as to the ends of the future of humanity. It was also teased that there will be a bigger conspiracy to figure out, and that the agenda of the Army of the 12 Monkeys, and their identity will also be finally shown.

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