13 Reasons Why: Selena Gomez Explains Why The New Netflix Series Resounded to Her

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
13 Reasons Why: Selena Gomez Explains Why The New Netflix Series Resounded to Her
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Selena Gomez has produced a new teen series for Netflix titled 13 Reasons Why. Based on Jay Asher’s best-selling novel, the series follows a group of high school students after the death of one of their own. The singer-actress talked about her new passion project and why it is so important for her to tell this story.

Teens, Depression, Bullying, Suicide

13 Reasons Why follows the story of Clay. He is a high school student who receives audio tapes from his classmate and crush, Hannah. She killed herself two weeks earlier, but she later revealed through the tapes the thirteen reasons why she did it. It also offers a tough look at the lives of teenagers and the pressures they have to endure. Gomez thinks modern high school students need to hear this story.

“Unfortunately, kids don’t care,” the actress told The Hollywood Reporter. “They have to see something that’s going to scare them. They need to see something that’s frightening.”

There is a reason why Gomez herself identified with the teen novel. The 24-year-old has been in the spotlight and scrutiny for most of her life. She experienced some form of bullying from strangers who thought it their responsibility to criticize her body or her personal life.

Gomez was present during filming. She confessed that just watching the scenes was a tough experience. “I was there for the last episode, and I was a mess just seeing it all come to life, because I’ve experienced that,” she stated.

13 Reasons Why on Netflix Details

The new series on Netflix was initially planned to become a movie with Gomez at the center as Hannah, the dead girl. However, she, together with her mother and co-executive producer Mandy Teefey, thought it would be best told as a television series. She also argued that the supporting characters needed to be fully fleshed out for the viewers to understand why they did what they did.

Gomez remains positive. Because of the delays and the change of plans, they created something that is worthy of attention. “I’m glad it took this long to create something like this, because I think we held out for something great,” the actress added.

Brian Yorkey penned the script and sat as the showrunner of the series. He also won a Pulitzer Prize for the musical Next to Normal. That said, the project is in good hands. 13 Reasons Why will have a total of 13 episodes which will all start streaming on Mar. 31 on Netflix. Watch the trailer here.

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