1490’s Kids Would Never Want to Celebrate Columbus Day

By Atanu Shaw | 2 years ago
1490’s Kids Would Never Want to Celebrate Columbus Day

The United States of America has been celebrating and commemorating Columbus Day since 1934 but not a lot of Americans are happy about it. According to the activists, celebrating the day in honor of Christopher Columbus only reminds Americans of the painful history of colonialism particularly the genocide that happened after the explorer’s arrival in 1492. It also mocks and scoffs at the indigenous people of America as well as the significant contributions they have contributed to the country. This one particular tweet says it all:

These are the sentiments of a number of people regarding the celebration of the ‘discoverer of America’. While this tweet simplified everything:

More and more Americans are following the action that was first initiated in 1990 by the people of South Dakota when they renamed Columbus Day to Native American Day. Two years later, Berkeley in California followed suit calling it the ‘Indigenous Peoples Day.’ Soon other places are also changing Columbus Day commemoration to other celebrations. In Alaska and Oregon, they do not celebrate the day at all.

Now after decades-long campaign as an indigenous movement gains momentum, more cities in the United States will be honoring the Native Americans on Monday instead of celebrating the traditional Columbus Day.

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