15 Years Later, What The Characters of ‘Bring It On’ Are Up To?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago

In case you are a breathing, living and movie watching human being, it is quite likely that you might have searched for “Bring It On” at least one time in recent time. The indelible 2000 cheerleader movie must have made a mark on you definitely, whether you commanded someone to “bring it”, showcased your finest spirit finger, or by responded by saying “it is very cold here; the atmosphere must be having some Toros”.

Peyton Reed directed “Bring It On”, which is written by Jessica Bendinger and starring Jesse Bradford, Gabrielle Union, and Christen Dunst, among other, has turned 15 years old now. The movie got its red carpet premiere on August 22, 2000 and hit the theatres on August 25.

The complete oral history of the movie has already been shared by them, but it gives a glimpse of the past. During an interview with MTV.com, the cast of the movie was also asked to look at the future. They were asked as to what they think there characters would be now.

Kristen Dunst, Torrance Shipman

According to Kristen, they wanted to make another movie to tell about what went on with Torrance. She loves cheerleading, and probably be coaching budding cheerleaders. According to slashfilm.com,she is just like an all American woman and is such a good mom. She must have taken cheerleading skills to a higher level.

Jesse Bradford, Cliff Pantone

They like to image a world where Cliff and Tor worked out. They also like to think of a world where nothing would have worked out. These are the two opinions. Cliff will be happy if he is able to come up with his own recording studio. He can be a sound engineer, or may be as a producer, or recording guy, someone who has his own space.

Gabrielle Union, Isis

She likes to image the character as fighting the fight against social injustice in this day and age. She probably will be some kind of attorney and would be a Twitter warrior. She can also be a politician where she will work her way out to change legislations and fighting for some good cause.

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