Is ’19 Kids and Counting’ Returning to TLC? Online Petition Going Around!

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Is ’19 Kids and Counting’ Returning to TLC? Online Petition Going Around!
Title card of the TV series 19 Kids and Counting/TLC

Just recently, TLC has officially cancelled one of its longest running reality series “19 Kids and Counting” following Josh Duggar’s confession of sexual molestation a few years back. It caused an uproar and many advertisers of the show pulled out. The cancellation of the series is expected but it looks like fans of the series are not letting their favorite show be gone for good on TV.

According to Christian Today, fans of “19 Kids and Counting” have started an online petition to save the show.

“TLC has announced that it has permanently cancelled ’19 Kids and Counting.’ While the Duggar family may not be perfect and they’ve had difficulties like so many other families, their show WAS one of the few clean, family-friendly shows on TV. Sadly, there isn’t much a family can watch together any longer. The airwaves are full of terrible, trashy television! It isn’t right that the Duggars must be forced off the air while the filthy shows remain!” the petition said.

The online petition is adorned with photos of the Duggar family.

Further on it reads, “We want our voiced to be heard We all know the power of standing together – just ask A&E what happened when they cancelled ‘Duck Dynasty!’ It seems that every day in America our values and way of life are disappearing. We must all stand together.”

Despite the online petition going on, it seems like the Duggars have accepted their show’s fate. In fact, they are going to help produce a documentary on child abuse with TLC starring Jill and Jessa Duggar.

As for the Duggars, they remain grateful to TLC for the many years that they have given them, “ We are so thankful for our film crew that has shown up at our house for over a decade. They have become like family to us. They have invested their time and energy into our lives and have been so loving and patient. We love and appreciate them so much,” written on their blog.

Do you want “19 Kids and Counting” to return? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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Photo source: 19 Kids and Counting Facebook


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