The 1975 to Release New Album in September; Australia Tour to Follow

By Akul Sharma | 2 years ago
The 1975 to Release New Album in September; Australia Tour to Follow

The 1975 has revealed that work is in full swing for the new album and that they are planning to release the album by September.

Ever since their self-titled debut album in 2013, The 1975 has enjoyed huge success and the wait for their new album has been on. Back in January they told that we can expect new music in 2015 followed by an Australian tour. Frontman Matthew Healy said that the new album would much more versatile and colorful than the first and Healy jokingly revealed,  “We’re from Manchester, Macclesfield, and the first record was about the rain, and this second record is about not being in the rain and doing whatever the fuck you want in the sun.” In January Healy said there will be a new single in 2015 but for the rest of the year they will “make a record and eat well.”

They have been writing music for quite sometime now but Healy says he really doesn’t know what to make of it right now and they will wait for the album to take shape. The material is ready and there are a few ideas, but none of them good enough to materialize right now. The follow up album to the debut, which received a huge following was earlier going to be released exactly two years from the first but that might change. According to, the album will most probably come out on a Monday in September this year.

Out of all the touring locations, Matthew seemed to love Australia the most which is the reason their first tour of the new album will probably be Australia. Healy says he would love to start the way they started touring for the last album, that is, by performing at places which feel really intimate for a show.

Image source: Facebook/The1975

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