The 1975’s Matt Healy Claims One Direction Stole Their Music; Says Harry Styles Copy His Style In ‘Four’ Album?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
The 1975’s Matt Healy Claims One Direction Stole Their Music; Says Harry Styles Copy His Style In ‘Four’ Album?
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English Rock band ‘The 1975’s lead singer and guitarist, Matt Healy has accused the band One Direction for stealing their style.The 1975 is apparently annoyed because One Direction apparently stole their style in their newest album, “Four.”

The lead singer for 1975, Matt Healy, claimed that the band One Direction has ripped them off. The singer reportedly told his band mates that they had been ripped off.

According to Sugar Scape, Healy allegedly told his band mates that One Direction, particularly Harry Styles, have copied The 1975’s “very unique sound.” He said that although it may not have been done intentionally, he still feels that the group may have overstepped their boundaries. Insiders say that band members of both the bands feel awkward around each other especially when they are forced to work together. The two bands were collaborating and Healy had been asked to write new songs for One Direction recently. One Direction was really impressed with Healy’s work on “Chocolate” and they wanted to collaborate with him on their next project.

Healy claimed that working with One Direction was a nightmare. He said that the band was hard to work with because of their busy schedules. He said that even arranging meetings was a problem because of the band’s busy schedule. It was difficult for Healy to work with One Direction because his own band, The 1975, were working on an album of their own. Each member of the band was working on tracks on their own. Healy claimed that working on two projects at a time was tough for him.

The One Direction song that they were collaborating on is going to be released soon and will feature Healy’s voice along with the band’s vocals. Fans are looking forward to the collaboration.

The 1975 are also going to release their album in 2015 and are planning to go on world tour.

Photo Source: Facebook/One Direction

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