‘1984’ Registered By Swedish Songwriter NOT Katy, Singer Has No Beef With Taylor Swift But ‘Bad Blood’ Singer Is Bitter!

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
‘1984’ Registered By Swedish Songwriter NOT Katy, Singer Has No Beef With Taylor Swift But ‘Bad Blood’ Singer Is Bitter!
Katy Perry

Rumors have surfaced online claiming an ongoing feud between singers Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. MNG has also reported about the news recently about the birth year battles between Taylor’s 1989 and Katy’s 1984. However, a light has been shed on the issue that would make room for a better explanation of what was really going on between the two celebrities. Here’s the scoop!

A lot of people thought that Katy Perry’s “1984” song was a response to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” The year 1984 was actually the same year when Katy was born and have been seen to make a punch on Taylor’s “1989” album which is also the same year the country singer was born.

However, a report from TMZ gave light to the issue when they wrote that the official registration of the song “1984” actually belonged to a Swedish songwriter and not Katy Perry! The “Dark Horse” singer has nothing to do with it but the songwriter who worked with her in co-writing “Waking Up in Vegas” did.

The song “1984” was registered in September with BMI. You can also check the BMI site where you will be able to see Katy’s name along with 4 other songwriters and producers. This includes Andreas Carlsson and Dallas Austin.

The report went on saying the reason why the public has been so interested with “1984” was after speculating it was a target piece aiming straight at Taylor Swift. Actually, the matter started when 3 of Taylor’s backup dancers ended up working with Katy after bailing out on the “Love Story” singer. The singers worked with Katy before they signed with Taylor and requested to have a 30-day off when the “Hot and Cold” singer launches a new concert. This would mean Katy Perry didn’t have anything against Taylor Swift, but we do see here that Tay-Tay is a bit bitter about the move.

Multiple sources were also cited in the TMZ report saying Katy Perry had no idea about the registration of “1984” by Andreas Carlsson under BMG Sweden. The report also said that the song will be taken out from its registration maybe by tomorrow morning.

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