1D Harry Styles and Prince Harry’s Dirty Little Secrets Exposed in Caroline Flack’s Autobiography Book?

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
1D Harry Styles and Prince Harry’s Dirty Little Secrets Exposed in Caroline Flack’s Autobiography Book?
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“The X-Factor” and television presenter Caroline Flack is said to release her book “Head Over Heels” in October, which would “lift the lid” about her life, including her previous relationships with Prince Harry of Wales and One Direction singer Harry Styles. How interesting could it get? Read on for more details.

“Caroline will lift the lid on her personal and relationships, including dating two of the world’s most eligible bachelors, Harry Styles and Prince Harry,” Mirror Online cited publishing company Simon & Schuster as saying in a press release given on July 6, 2015.

It was also said that the publisher paid “The X-Factor” star £100,000 for a two-book deal.

Book to Dish the Dirt?

An early stage of Caroline Flack’s “Head Over Heels” book was first spotted over Twitter when she posted a picture of a sheet of paper with the words “Chapter One” written on it.

“Here we go,” she tweeted.

Insiders reportedly claimed that the book would reveal “everything” about Flack’s dating secrets, the ups and downs of her career,        and her experience growing up with her sister Jody.

“For now Caroline likes the idea of releasing a picture-led tome illustrated with memoirs, particularly focusing on her childhood and being a twin,” insiders told The Mirror, via Daily Express.

However, the insiders said that there would also be a “more revealing autobiography” in her book, which made fans speculate if Flack would “dish the dirt” of her romance with Styles. Now, it seems to be the case as per statement of Simon & Schuster’s press release. Hopefully, it won’t get that dirty.

Caroline Flack, Prince Harry & 1D Harry Styles Relationship

Caroline Flack received criticisms about her relationship with Harry Styles because of the fact that she was 14 years older than the “Night Changes” singer. The two dated briefly back in 2011 when Styles was still 17 years old. The couple then ended their relationship amicably in January 2012 with no hard feelings, Hollywood Life reported.

Flack’s book would also divulge details about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Prince Henry of Wales, whom she dated in 2009. Shortly after, Prince Harry ended the relationship but remained as friends.

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