1D Larry Stylinson Dead And Gone For Real? Harry Styles Supports Louis Tomlinson; Changes Bound to Happen

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
1D Larry Stylinson Dead And Gone For Real? Harry Styles Supports Louis Tomlinson; Changes Bound to Happen
Is This the End of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson? Larry Stylinson Fans are Disappointed Over Photos of Louis Tomlinson with Tamara Bell

Various One Direction fans weren’t exactly thrilled after hearing the big news that singer-songwriter and One Direction boy band member Louis Tomlinson is having a baby with Briana Jungwirth. What would happen to Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson’s alleged secret relationship aka Larry Stylinson? Read on for more details.

It could not be denied that a lot of One Direction fans were unprepared when news about Louis Tomlinson’s early fatherhood made rounds on the Internet, especially for those who believed in Larry Stylinson (an imagined romance between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson).

Is Larry Stylinson Dead?

There were some fans who reportedly broke down, with some saying, “I wish I didn’t ship larry because then things like this wouldn’t get to me so much.”

There were others who believed that it’s “part of a global Larryspiracy” while die hard Larry fans said that “larry will not die until I myself take my final breath.” Others maintained the belief that “LARRY IS REAL” so others should “back off.”

However, Cosmopolitan noted that if the coming baby news is true (which was just confirmed) it would mean that “Larry” is possibly going to be dead and gone for real.

An author of a piece coming from Vanity Fair, who also had a hard time accepting the news, thinks that the baby situation spells disaster for the Larry Stylinson fandom. He, however, chose to be optimistic by imagining Louis and Harry raising the baby together.

One Direction’s Future Affected, Changes Coming Gradually

There were sources who claimed that Styles was overjoyed upon hearing the news that Tomlinson will be having a baby. In fact, he reportedly supported Tomlinson all the way.

Both of them have allegedly talked about the situation and how it would affect the future of One Direction.

“[He and Harry] talked about everything they [the band] have been through and how this will definitely change things. Still, Louis isn’t about to become a different guy overnight and assured Harry they would still have plenty of wild times together in the future,” insiders told HollywoodLife.com.

So it seems that sooner or later, there will be changes that will gradually occur for One Direction following the exit of Zayn Malik in the previous months and with Louis Tomlinson’s baby on the way. What’s left to do for these boys is perhaps to enjoy every moment they have as a band.

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Photo source: Facebook/One Direction

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