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The Loneliest Planet Movie ReviewThe Loneliest Planet is well-received by critics when it was screened at the 2011 New York Film Festival. It is about a young couple who travel across the Republic of Georgia. The pair is played by Gael Garcia Bernal and Hani Furstenberg.

The two are seen making love with a guide to the gorgeous Georgian wilderness in between. But after the Event, something change. They continue with their travels but the silences become longer and nasty glares are shared more.

Julia Loktev directs The Loneliest Planet. She shows her remarkable grasp for the visual aesthetics via the long-distance look at the pair and their guide walking along a riverbank or via the shot that zoom in on the actress’ hair coiled at her neck.

Loktev uses a dry approach to develop the couple’s relationship. This is why the abrupt collapse of their relationship doesn’t cause a lot of emotional impact on the audience. It is as tedious as their trek. The beautiful scenery doesn’t make up for the resentful travel partners.

The Loneliest Planet is the type of movie that you either going to love or hate. The hype it got from the New York Film Festival quickly drown as viewers witness a long scenes of landscape with hardly any dialogue.

It is about the relationship of the couple but The Loneliest Planet ends abruptly that it seems like their story is not relevant to the movie at all. People have questioned the point to the making of the movie. It is inspired by a short story and should have been made into a short film rather than one that is 113 minutes long.

The Loneliest Planet gets votes for its cinematograph and the performances from the cast members. But it lacks in the storytelling department. Most of the time you’ll see the couple and their guide walk across the screen with irritating music in the background.

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