‘2 Broke Girls’ Critics Review; Is The Show Still Worth Watching For?

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago

“2 Broke Girls” is finally over? Is it true that the comedy show is now on the way to comedy bankruptcy?

Producing comedy sitcoms are one of the best way to gain fans from all over the world, but it seems like “2 Broke Girls” failed to meet the standards and expectations of the viewers as it now finally met its fate. Is the show really headed for its final season?

Usually, comedy sitcoms are so relatable, as they mostly tackles about simple things that we fail to notice—these shows are somewhat realistic, that sometimes they exaggerate things in a funny way that surely capture our attention. However, when it comes to “2 Broke Girls,” it’s on the other way around as Popmatters called it too bitterly sardonic and snobbishly whiny, to ever become endearing enough to sustain viewer’s interest.

Although the show’s first season showed a promising start, and it lasts for four years and was renewed for a fifth season, it still lost momentum and seems to be on its way to a comedy bankruptcy.

According to Popmatters, “2 Broke Girls” sitcom made a tedious redundancy, so it’s not surprising at all that the show lose a lot of audience. Sitcoms does not have to be so compelling to the point that most of the punch lines and scene looks so forceful and repeatedly done, but it is what “2 Broke Girls” did, and it’s definitely a bog wrong move.

The show revolves around two girls who became roommates. These two are from two different worlds—from drastically two different ways of life struggle, but still they both need to deal with it. Max Black played by Kat Dennings grew up in poverty, but she is streetwise and sassy. Caroline, on the other hand, is the daughter of now-disgraced and imprisoned multi-millionaire. She grew up with a golden spoon in her mouth, but because of the mess that just happened to her family, she needs to adjust and accept her new working-class life.

According to the site, these kind of stories are too strained and the writer continuously tried to make it funny, but often fails.

Meanwhile, when you review all the show’s, Rotten Tomatoes reports, it looks like the “2 Broke Girls” looks pretty good, and at the same time humorous and funny for the critics.

In the show’s Season 1, it had 68% audience score and positive reviews from the critics. Most of them said that “2 Broke Girls” had an old-fashioned vibe that can make the viewers laugh—the unpredictable jokes and the lead characters played by Dennings and Beth Behrs definitely made the show a complete package.

In its Season 2, the show attracted more audience as it gained 75% audience score. A commenter even stated that even if the sitcom is really simple, but definitely funny even if the laughs are sometimes accompanied by a groan or eye roll.

However, in its third season, the show only got 68% audience score, and it got mixed reviews from the critics. One commenter stated that the show did not fail to infused some emotions, the other one said that it is a show that has yet to earn its spot on the networks schedule, and that it should dump all the horrible secondary characters in the diner.

Until its last season, the show got a very bad review from Popmatters just like what stated above and it did not even get a 50% audience score.

Now, fans are wondering, is season 5 worth it? Following a bad review, is it still worth watching? Can the characters make us laugh without even being too forceful?

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