2 Broke Girls Recap: Season 3 Episode 24 And the First Degree [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
2 Broke Girls Recap: Season 3 Episode 24 And the First Degree [WATCH VIDEO]
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“2 Broke Girls” Season 3 Episode 24 “And the First Degree” aired on Monday, May 5, 2014, at 8:30 p.m. on CBS. Max finished her high school degree and attempted to reconnect with her estranged mom. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Previously on “2 Broke Girls” (“And the First Degree” Season 3 Episode 24), Before that event, Max enrolled in a pastry school, which, unfortunately, closed. Caroline asked Oleg to make a fake diploma for her friend. Wasn’t this sweet of Caroline? However, when she handed it to Max, she threw it away. Max opened up to Caroline about not being able to finish high school because she failed to show up in her History exam.

Then again, it was not too late for Max as the school was having its History finals during the week, and all Max had to do was take the exam and pass it. Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), on the other hand, told Max that she got her diploma at the school for the deaf even if she not one of them.

Caroline (Beth Behrs) convinced Max (Kat Dennings) of going to Rhode Island to take her finals. Max agreed, provided that Mr. Huck would not have any idea that she would be coming.

Everybody was helpful and supportive of Max in the diner. Oleg (Jonathan Kite) reviewed Max, though some of the questions were sexually charged. Han (Matthew Moy) gave his old history book to Max, but she complained that her exam was about European history.

While on the road to Rhode Island, Caroline felt the need to pee. You see, Caroline would do it in any public restrooms but no in the bus. Lacking of options, she had no choice but to use the bus’ restroom. When the driver hit the brake, we saw Caroline fell out of the restroom.

Max walked through her previous school once more and was greeted by the principal Mr. Huck. While taking the exam, Max met Hector. Hector’s case lay on the fact that he was not as smart as Max. Then the results came and Max could not believe it. She passed the test! Mr. Huck could not believe it too. In fact, he went over the paper for three times! He then invited Max to attend the graduation. Max agreed. Caroline told max to call her mother and to invite her to attend. Max was hesitant about this. The graduation came, and the diner family were all there so support Max.

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