2 Broke Girls Season 4 Recap: And the Brand Job

By April Lara | 3 years ago
2 Broke Girls Season 4 Recap: And the Brand Job
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In the latest episode of “2 Broke Girls” Season 4, Episode 5 “And the Brand Job,” Max and Caroline struggled to maintain their cupcake business, their partnership, as well as their friendship. Read on for the full recap.

Both girls noticed that they are not making enough profit at their cupcake window, so they decided to pursue a different strategy, something bigger. However, as usual, Max wasn’t so thrilled about the idea because she’s fine with making cupcakes because that’s what she’s really passionate about, while Caroline wanted to boost its brand awareness to gain more profit. Once again, our two girls have different visions.

Caroline made a plan of her own by making Max believe that they have a huge order from a business seminar, but the truth was, Caroline signed them both up. When Max found out about this, of course she was upset. However, Caroline talked her through it by telling her that they need the exposure that they could get from the seminar. Max was left with no choice but to go through with the whole seminar, and they even snuck in to steal name badges for women so they wouldn’t have to pay for the seminar.

Gordon Kepper, the man behind the seminar, told Caroline to think of the vision that they have for their cupcakes. The two have different visions, and they just couldn’t make their minds up as to what vision they should push through. They failed at their pitch, and Kepper told them that their brand should be a mix of what they both want so things could work. Realizing this, the girls made up.

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