2 Broke Girls Season 4 Recap: And the Fun Factory

By April Lara | 3 years ago
2 Broke Girls Season 4 Recap: And the Fun Factory
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Max and Caroline are back, and now they plan to maximize their business presence in “2 Broke Girls” Season 4 Episode 8 “And the Fun Factory.” Read on for the full recap.

Max and Caroline planned to sell Max’s Homemade Cupcake T-shirts at the shop. They needed to find a factory to mass-produce them. Their main goal was to find a factory that has good working conditions due to Max’s trauma from working at several factories. She claimed that the worst factory that she worked at was The Cheesecake Factory. They meticulously did their research and narrow down their top three and went to visit each of them.

At the diner, Hans decided to level up their game. He bought iPads to use for ordering methods, but his employees made fun of him and hid their iPads instead.

When Max and Caroline got to one potential factory, Max got a bit suspicious because the employees look enthusiastic about their jobs. But before she could probe even more, she got distracted when offered with free gelato.

Even though Max and Caroline were questioning the working conditions at the factory, they still went through it until they received a note from the factory with a note “Help us.” So they decided to meet up with the two guys that they’ve met at the factory to fish for information regarding the working conditions, but they didn’t get any answers. After that, they came across two women who work at the factory who suspects them of stealing their men. The two managed to escape from these women. When they got back to the factory they ran into them again and got into a fight.

The factory owner broke up the fight and decided not to work with Max and Caroline anymore. Then they later on learned that the note actually reads “Help your business.” The factory really has enthusiastic employees because they really love what they do.

The good news was that Max and Caroline still found a factory for their T-shirts.

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