2 Broke Girls Season 4 Recap: And the Crime Ring

By April Lara | 3 years ago
2 Broke Girls Season 4 Recap: And the Crime Ring
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Clubs are a great way to meet people especially if you’re not looking for a commitment at the moment but maybe that’s something that Caroline didn’t know. When she got a bit obsessed with a guy she met at a bar and she and Max ended up in jail! Read below for the full recap of “2 Broke Girls” Season 4, Episode 11 “And the Crime Ring.”

Caroline wants to earn more money so she decided to sell their Max’s Homemade Cupcakes T-Shirts at a club. While there, she met a guy named James and poof, instant attraction! Of course, Max didn’t let this pass and made fun of James and thinks that he looks like Jesus. She made a lot of Jesus-related jokes such as asking James to turn the water into wine.

Still, Caroline spent the night with James at his apartment. She had so much fun and somehow got hooked. Two weeks have passed and she hasn’t heard from him yet and he wouldn’t return her calls. This saddens her but at the same time, she left her the rings at his apartment. Caroline was left with no choice but to try and break into James’ apartment and of course, Max was on board.

Things were going so well until they broke into an old lady’s apartment instead and they got arrested and sent to prison. Caroline was devastated while Max kept of cracking jokes while in prison to cheer Caroline up and they also form a bond with the other prisoners.

Earlier that day, Sophie asked Max to become her maid-of-honor but Max declined this offer. She changed her mind because they needed Sophie to bail them out so she finally agreed to be her maid-of-honor and Caroline and Max got out of jail.

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