‘2 Broke Girls’ Season 5 Spoilers: Oleg Will Get Steamy In The Upcoming Season? ‘I’m gonna be having a lot of sex’—Jonathan Kite

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago

“2 Broke Girls” Season 5  hints that Oleg might have a very steamy treat as he is set to have “a lot of sex” this season. Is he going to meet his father too in the next season?

The upcoming fifth season of “2 Broke Girls” is heading out to give fans a flavorsome sweet treats as CBS released an official interview with Jonathan Kite who plays as Oleg in the comedy sitcom.

Based on his statement last Friday, when he was asked by some fans about what should they expect from “2 Broke Girls” Season 5, he simply said that his character, Oleg, will be going to be hot! But, Kite sounded a little bit hesitant about the specific details for his character’s fate this coming Season 5.

According to his interview, Kite said that he’s going to have a lot of sex, there’s gonna be cupcakes. But he immediately abandoned his statement as he say that he does not know anything, and he jokingly add that if anyone knows what will happen, then they need to contact him.

Moreover, Kite also expressed his side that if he were the writer of the show, he would to add something. It turns out that the 35-year-old actor has a big family so if there’s a possibility, and he is lucky enough, maybe the viewers might see someone related to him.

Kite said that he always like to see a relatives appear in the show, just like Matt Moy, who plays the role of Han Lee-his mother came, which was absolutely a hilarious episode. Or like when the characters meet Caroline’s aunt.

Kite added that  maybe fans will be able to meet his dad!

When asked who would he like to see as his dad, his first choice is Daniel Day-Lewis, next is Meryl Streep then Brad Garrett.

On the other hand, “2 Broke Girls” Season 5 will air this fall on CBS.

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Photo Source: Facebook| 2 Broke Girls

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