2 Days in New York Movie Review

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2 Days in New York Movie ReviewFrench writer, director and actress Julie Delphy follow up her 2007 art-house romantic comedy hit 2 Days in Paris with 2 Days in New York. Her hyper-neurotic heroine Marion has undergone several changes since the first movie. She is now a single mother in New York because her boyfriend from the first movie left her.

In 2 Days in New York, her love interest is Mingus, played by Chris Rock. He is a mild-mannered radio host who also has a kid. We catch them in the early part of their relationship but Mingus easily handles Marion’s frisky dad (Albert Delphy) and her sister (Alexia Landeau).

Delphy lets her co-cast members improvise their conversations, which dictates the narrative flow of the movie. 2 Days in New York doesn’t have any memorable scene that would remain in your head as you leave the cinema. The cast members seem to be having an off-game, including Delphy herself.

2 Days in New York redeems itself with enough scenes that feature chatter and self-referential humor. But when the dialogues and jokes are off, it can turn irritating fast. It has its funny moments, especially when it shows the relationship between Marion and her sister. But most of the time the jokes are predictable and unfunny.

Chris Rock plays a subdued main character, far from his usual roles. There are some moments in 2 Days in New York when Rock and Delphy has enough chemistry to make their pairing believable. They seem to be talking at each other instead of with each other.

2 Days in New York barely gets by due to the sustained glow of friendliness she gave the characters. But it lacks elements that would make viewers recommend it to their friends. It mirrors the first movie with regards to the cultural differences, rocky relationship, separation and a happy ending.

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