2 Guns wins Box Office Race for the Weekend

By admin | 4 years ago

Action film 2 Guns starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington topped the cinema box office this past weekend. The movie by Universal earned the top spot by taking in $27.4 million.

The movie is based on the novel with the same name and features Wahlberg as a U.S. Naval Intelligence officer and Washington as an agent from the DEA. The two are forced to team up undercover in an operation that involves the CIA and drug traffickers.

Executives of Universal said the film opened to their expectations and attributed its success to Balthazar Kormakur its director and the pairing of Wahlberg and Washington for just the first time.

The studio said the casting was exceptional as there was great chemistry from the beginning and the two worked well off one another.

The Wolverine, Fox’s superhero movie set in Japan starring Hugh Jackman was able to earn No. 2 over the weekend with a take of $21.7 million in the second weekend of release. The domestic haul for the movie is now $95 million. In another 67 territories internationally, Wolverine earned an additional $38.5 million.

Smurfs 2 debuted this past weekend and took No. 3 with a take of $18.2 million. The kids friendly sequel presentation by Sony is based upon the remarkably successful cartoon franchise.

Its debut was lower than had been expected in the U.S., but earned an impressive $52.5 million internationally in 43 markets.

Sony said there are still another 36 large territories to launch the Smurfs including in China, where they are loved.

The Conjuring a haunted house movie by Warner Bros was No. 4 on the weekend with $13.7 million. This was the movie’s third weekend of release and it has now earned over $100 million domestically.

Despicable Me 2 came in at No. 5 earning more than $10.4 million.

Ticket sales overall for the weekend were 15% higher than the same weekend a year ago.

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