2012 Berlin Film Festival

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Berlin film festival is one of the most celebrated events all over the world. This takes place in Berlin, Germany. It is the event all actors and actresses look forward to attend. It was first organized in the year 1951 in the month of February. The statistical sell of tickets makes it the world’s greatest publicly attended festival worldwide. It is also known as the BERLINALE. The director of this phenomenal film festival since 2001 has been Dieter Kosslick.

Now the 2012 Berlinale is just round the corner. It has been announced that the event will take place from 9th to 19th of February. The event is going to be a grand one. Though the nominees for most of the categories have been kept a secret by the juries, everyone is keen to know the results. The actual thrill can be experienced when you come to know that the ticket sale has already started. This time the online ticket purchase has been a great success. Already over 200,000 tickets have been sold. The ticket price is something which can take you by a surprise as it is very low as about 7 to 11 euro. What more can you ask from such a grand event.

This year the event is opening itself with an extra ordinary show. The famous French drama “Farewell My Queen” will be performed on the stage to bring out the passion of the event. The drama will be performed by famous professionals. Diane Kruger is the Marie Antoinette, along with superb artists like Lea Seydoux and Virginie Ledoyen. The event will take place on the 9th of February, 2012.

Well this year the panorama will start with the works of two European directors. The panorama as always will come up with twenty films, which will be shown in the festival out of which the best film award will be given. This year the movie which will be shown first in the ceremony will be Indignados by the famous director Tony Gatlif based on Stephane Hessel’s ‘Time for Outrage’. The second one in line is Ono by Polish director Malgoska Szumowska. Then the festival will start showing the twenty movies in store for the best film. This time the choice will be tough as the variety of the movies are really astonishing and has been from different part of the world. Among them the movies that you will get to see are Xingu from Brazil, Wilaya from Spain, ‘Mommy is coming’ from Germany and others. The movie you might want to look out is the movie ‘10+10’ from Taiwan.

Lastly the Lifetime Time Achievement Award this year will be given to “The Iron Lady” Meryl Streep. The lady has always been counted among the finest breed of actresses and has proved her talent through her works in ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’, ‘Sophie’s Choice’, ‘Out of Africa’ and others. All her hard work will be paid this year. Most of her great works will be shown in the event and lastly the Golden Bear will be given to her as a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Berlin Film Festival at Germany
Berlin Film Festival at Germany

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