2014 Fall Television Report: How To Succeed In Showbusiness, With Just a Couple of Shows

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
2014 Fall Television Report: How To Succeed In Showbusiness, With Just a Couple of Shows
New TV on a showroom floor in Tallahassee, Florida.November 20, 11957. Wikimedia Commons/Florida Memory

There is no doubt that television has come a long way since its inception. Today, not only do we have scripted dramas and comedy television shows to entertain us with, but we also have unscripted reality television shows, reality competition shows, and talk shows. The quality of television shows has also gone up, as there are more and more miniseries whose quality is almost akin to a cut up movie, and this year’s Emmy awards nomination list almost looked like an Oscar’s list, as A-list actors such as Matthew McConaughey and Kevin Spacey have crossed over to do wonderful work in their respective television shows. However, with television shows becoming so competitive, and with the new television season being upon us, which shows are the major networks looking at, and banking upon to be successful? As television is all about ratings, these are the shows that everyone looks at to see how successful a network truly is. Read on to learn more about the story.

This year, what is truly interesting is that each major network has offered a taste of what they have to offer this year, as pilots of new shows, such as “Forever” and “Red Band Society” have already premiered, a little less than a month before the show really premieres. Not only this, but network executives also have created a strategic plan to make sure that their networks still bring in viewers, even if their major shows are on hiatus. No expense is also spared in order to generate commercials and publicity materials for their given shows.

Let’s take a look at each individual network’s offerings this coming fall, and let’s take a look into what each network is banking upon this season.

FOX is the home of such shows such as “Glee”, “The Following”, and “Bones”. However, when it comes to their newest projects, Deadline reports that there is a lot of online media attention on “Gotham”, a prequel to “Batman”, which features Inspector Gordon.  Another show that just might be another breakthrough, despite the low amount of buzz it has on the internet, is the coming of age drama set in a hospital- “Red Band Society”.

NBC, on the other hand, is utilizing an interesting strategy for their offerings when it comes to their returning shows and their newest projects. According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the network is relying heavily on several heavily watched programs in order to advertise, and they are also making sure that there will always be something to watch on NBC when a particular show is on hiatus. The reality singing competition Both “The Voice” and “The Blacklist” will premiere on television on the same date. “The Voice” is currently being used in order to launch the comedy “Marry Me”, and when “The Blacklist” goes on hiatus, viewers will have Katherine Heigl’s “State of Affairs” to watch starting Nov. 17, 2014.

CBS has utilized America’s love of football as THR has reported that the network has already spent millions to promote “Thursday Night Football”. This was launched on Sept. 11, 2014, and it heavily promoted “Madam Secretary” and “NCIS: New Orleans”, the two new shows that CBS is banking heavily upon.

The CW is a relatively young network, but is doing pretty well for itself, as it has produced hits such as “Nikita”, and the currently running “Arrow”. Tied up to “Arrow” and the DC Universe is The CW’s latest comic book hero offering- “The Flash”. Not only has the network aired the pilot episode early, but THR has said that they promoted the show with a tie up with Waze, and pulled off a stunt with Flash branded bike messengers. Aside from the exciting comic book fare that The CW is offering, they are also airing “Jane the Virgin”, which is said to target Latino and female viewers.

ABC still has hit television shows such as “Castle”, and has its own superhero offerings with the television shows “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”, and the new and upcoming show, “Agent Carter”. This year, THR reports that the network is banking heavily on the Thursday night offerings of the network, which was dubbed as ‘Shondaland’, as most of the television shows were created by her. These include “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scandal”, and the new television show “How To Get Away With Murder”.

Networks also look at the amount of attention that their shows are getting on the internet, especially for their new shows. Deadline has recently reported that among those that are getting the most internet buzz, included in the top five most anticipated new shows this coming fall include NBC’s “Constantine”, Fox’s “Gotham”, ABC’s “How To Get Away With Murder”, CW’s “The Flash”, and CBS’ “NCIS: New Orleans”.

And that’s a sneak peek into the offerings of the major networks for this fall season, and which ones among them their respective networks are banking upon. For more news and updates on currently airing and upcoming television shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Florida Memory

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