The 2014 Geekie Awards: Complete List of Winners [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
The 2014 Geekie Awards: Complete List of Winners [WATCH VIDEO]
Neil Patrick Harris at the 1st Streamy Awards in 2009. 19:12:40. March 28, 2009. Wikimedia Commons/Lan Bui

The Geekie Awards, an award show by geeks for geeks, was held on Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014. The ceremony presented the 2014 Geekie Awards for programming, gaming and individual achievement at the Avalon Hotel in Hollywood. Read on for information about the The Geekie Awards.

The 2nd annual Geekie Awards honored talented autonomous creators. This award ceremony provide a platform independent creators to  receive acknowledgment before international audience and leaders in entertainment, gaming, comics, art, and fashion.

The 2014 Geekie awards is sponsored by Gibson Brands, Inc. along with many other top brands.  They provided gifts such as custom-designed guitars for celebrity signing on-site for a public charity auction. profits from the auction will be given to

Kristen Nedopak, who serves as the showrunner for The Geekie Award, expressed her enthusiasm over the annual awards night.  Nedopak is also the producer, writer, host of the show and considered as one of Comic Con’s “Most Dangerous Women.”

“It makes me smile to see so many talented people get recognized, some for the first time, on our show,” “Especially in front of their idols and people we all look up to — that’s what The Geekie Awards®, is all about. It was a special night, and we look forward to working with each of our winners throughout the year, and we will continue to promote their work,” said Nedopak in the article.

A complete list of all awards presented and 2014 Geekie Award, Winners is below:

Stan Lee Lifetime Achievement (presented by POW! Entertainment, Inc)

Gail Anne Hurd

Geek of the Year (presented by Gibson)

LeVar Burton

Geek Cred (presented by WowWee)

Oculus VR

Indie Video Games (presented by inXile Entertainment)

The Banner Saga

Web Series (presented by Sci-Fi Alliance)

Star Trek Continues

Short Films (presented by Doritos)

The Hitchhiker

Trailers & Videos (presented by Mountain Dew)

Legends of the Knight

Podcasts & Vlogs (presented by TASCAM)

Talkin’ Comics Weekly

Comics & Graphic Novels (presented by Dark Horse Comics)

Oh, Hell

Tabletop Games (presented by Gam3rCon)


Art & Craft (presented by Soulcake)

J.W. Kinsey’s Artifice

Fashion & Armor (presented by Vanichi)

Castle Corsetry

Cosplay (presented by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab)

Big Daddy

Websites & Blogs (presented by WebMovement)

Screen Rant

Personality (presented by New Media Rockstars)

Jenny Lorenzo

For more information about the Geekie Awards please check following sites:

Official website:


Follow #Geekies2014 at on twitter.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/LanBui/ / CC-BY-SA-2.0

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