2015 Witnessed Demand For Equal Wages By Hollywood Actresses

By SURABHI VERMA | 2 years ago
2015 Witnessed Demand For Equal Wages By Hollywood Actresses

The year 2015 has been an year of women talks and matters that deal with women equality together especially when we talk about their wages. Many Hollywood divas have been much vocal about the amount of wages that they get from their producers when compared to male actors.

Talking about the statistics of gender in various positions of film-making, there are almost no female candidates for most of the below-the –line positions. Apart from the protagonists, the producers and directors are men and that is where the actual difference begins. The scenario is much better when animated films are considered. Many research institutes have been conducting studies on a regular basis and findings have been very similar almost each time. However, this time results have been drastic. It is reported that many actresses from Hollywood have come up with issues of less wages and more work. In the last one year, many such cases have been seen indicating rage that is being heated up somewhere in the minds of our heroines. Talking about the Academy Award winning actress Patricia Arquette who  came out so openly in the last Oscars ceremony. While giving her acceptance speech, she strongly announced that there is an immediate need for higher wages for all females working for films. Patricia gets a strong support from Hollywood veteran Meryl Streep. Meryl has recently sent a letter to the Congress to revive the Equal Rights Amendment.


While “Mockingjay 2” star Jennifer Lawrence in her essay certainly revealed the ironies of not being paid equally to men. Carey Mulligan also registered herself as an active part of the gender inequality regarding wages. Well, it will be quiet interesting to see how these strong actresses turn out to be in the coming year.


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