20th Century Fox Requesting for ‘The Simpsons’ Movie Sequel Once More

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
20th Century Fox Requesting for ‘The Simpsons’ Movie Sequel Once More

Seven years ago, the silver screen was graced by a movie that highlighted the longest running animated series ever existed — “The Simpsons Movie.” Fast forward to this moment; Fox once more requests for a sequel that will once again make history in the box office. Read on for further details on this scoop.

The Simpsons” has long been recognized in almost every household that it’s become a part of everyone’s lifestyles. First aired in 1989, the series never failed to meet the demands of its viewers that up until now it is still running with 26 seasons. This is why it comes to no surprise that its main studio, 20th Century Fox, is requesting for a sequel that would best the first widescreen adaptation of the series. They’ve been hounding the series’ executive producer James L. Brooks to come up with a storyline for the sequel, but it would seem that they still have no plans in furthering their studio’s request.

According to Slash Film, this request is not ultimately new. Fox has been asking for executive producer James L. Brooks to pitch a new premise for a Simpson’s movie sequel ever since the first film was released. They made more requests for it last year, but they still got similar responses as they did when they first asked. The year is 2014, and apparently, there’s still no “Simpson’s” sequel in the works.

The executive producer shared his sentiments with The Hollywood Reporter with regards to the much awaited sequel.

“Perhaps [there will be another one]. We’ve been asked to [develop it], but we haven’t. We’re doing a lot of other stuff,” said Brooks to The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite the imminent sequel requests, he just doesn’t see it unfolding just yet. He also shared that no matter what happens, the producers would never let demands supersede quality segueing on an explanation about how difficult it was to create the first film.

Brooks further went on that he does not know what it would be like the second time. He shared that they felt like, in the first one, they already risked everything about “The Simpsons.”

Talking about unprecedented success, “The Simpson’s Movie” cost about $75 million to create, but it was able to earn an international box office grossing of $527 million. What kind of studio would actually forgo such factual success? Nonetheless, it’s up to the executive producer to green light such project. The studio may be very much ready, but the producers would really like to take their time in coming up with a great sequel. Indeed, the pressure to create a worthy follow-up film is high and it’s up to them to meet the standards that took them numerous years to build up. (via JoBlo)

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