21 and Over a Not so Funny Comedy

By admin | 6 years ago

21 and Over comedyis made for young, white, males who went to a nondescript state university. It is about Casey (Skylar Astin), Miller (Miles Teller), and Jeff Chang (Justin Cho). They set on a night debauchery to celebrate Jeff’s 21st birthday.

Casey is the alpha male of the group. Miller whines about how Casey doesn’t want to party since he already have a job after they graduate. Jeff Chang is the typical Asian kid who is always referred by his full name. He is going to med school because his father is forcing him to.

Casey and Miller’s plan is spoiled when they learn that Jeff has a med school interview the next day. And after this, 21 and Over features contrived interludes and absurd situations. The movie can’t keep the attention of the audience even if it shows two hot sorority girls making out.

If you’re not part of the target audience of 21 and Over, you can easily be bored with it. There’s no way you’re going to like it. It tries to romanticize the viewers’ college years and a lot of people will probably allow it to do so.

21 and Over tackles interesting issues such as friends drifting apart, confronting parents about leaving behind plans for good careers, and figuring out what to do after one graduates from college. But the characters are not capable of handling the issues and the movie fails to be more than a stupid comedy.

If you’re not expecting much from 21 and Over then you will enjoy the movie. If you absolutely love Hangover then this movie will be hilarious. The characters are not written nicely but you would probably look pass them if you find this funny. Like what is said before, not everyone will enjoy 21 and Over.

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